Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Friday, April 28, 2017

How Ah Boy Got Reunited With His Family

On 21 April 2017, NANAS bailed out a Jack Russell Terrier from AVA after the mandatory 2 weeks waiting period for the dog to locate its caregiver.  This dog had already gone missing for almost a month and his caregiver could not be found.  

Luckily, NANAS decided to give this little dog a chance but before anything could be done to start the re-homing process.  On 26 April afternoon, AVA informed us that his caregiver had contacted them about the lost dog.

Mr Tan and Ah Boy

On the evening of 26 April 2017, Mr Tan and Ah Boy were reunited after 32 days.  When we asked how Ah Boy managed to get out of the compound, we discovered that staff at the facility, where he lived, had left the gate open and Ah Boy walked out with his sister.  

His sister is still missing and we hope that she can be reunited with her family soon.  Please click HERE for a poster of Ah Boy's sister called Sasa.   

Kindly contact us at Hp: 91996247 or email if you see her.

The family is very thankful that their dog was kept safe.  Mr Tan has special needs and Ah Boy means a lot to him.  During that same week, Mr Tan's mother passed on.  It had been tough to lose his mother and his two dogs at the same time.  

Please watch the video to see Ah Boy's reaction when he saw Mr Tan after a month.   There was not a dry eye in the house as everyone there watched this heartwarming reunion.

Happy Ending

Monday, April 3, 2017

Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary Tour: Sat, 20-May '17

To register
Please email your details to Noah's Ark Event

Full name of each passenger (as in passport):
Mobile No.:

Amount: S$70 per head X ___ paxs = S$___

Alighting point:
(a) Boon Lay MRT Station or
(b) Bishan MRT Station

Is this your first visit to Noah's Ark? Yes / No

Are there any non-Singaporean in the group? Yes / No
If YES, please state where you/your guest is from.

Fund transfer to DBS Current Account: 023-905510-9
Upon payment, please send a screen shot of the transaction.

Noah’s Ark Tour Terms & Conditions
1. There will be no refund if you do not show up for the tour regardless of the weather.  The money will be treated as donation for the animals at the sanctuary.
2. We are unable to cancel your registration once payment has been made.
3. Substitutes are acceptable, but only one change of name/person is allowed and it must be one week before the departure date.
4. Young children (under 8 years old) are not advised to visit unless they have no fear of being surrounded by many dogs at one time.  Parents/Guardians will have to be responsible for their children/ward at the sanctuary.

Thank you.