Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Noah's Ark Rescue - Larkin Kittens

Dear All,

Last Saturday while at Noah's Ark, we received a call to go to a bus station in Lakin (JB) to rescue some kittens.

In all there were 13 of them rescued!

They were no more than 4 weeks old and were in terrible condition. Most were emaciated and eyes so badly infected that some could hardly open their eyes.

Uncle Raymund acted on a tip off and rescued all thirteen kitties. He brought them back to our clinic at Noah's Ark, where the kittens were cleaned, medicated and fed kitty milk formula from a syringe.

Volunteers and workers helped out. Had Uncle Raymund not saved them, these kittens would have eventually died from starvation and cat flu/viral infection.

It has been a few days since and I hear they are recovering and getting stronger by the day. I look forward to seeing them on my next visit to Noah's Ark.

Meanwhile, we will keep you posted with photo updates in the following weeks.

BTW, in the Straits Times Forum today, there's a post on
penalising members of the public who feeds stray cats and even a suggestion of sending cats to Peru as food to be eaten by a radio deejay.

We hope this group of people belongs to the minority.

Noah's Ark strongly advocates a humane way of reducing unwanted stray dogs and cats through TNR and we need the support of those compassionate and like minded people like you.

Please support our fund raising events actively!!

Paws and Licks,

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Noah's Ark Rescue - Lala and Ah Boy


Lala, a JRT cross, and Ah Boy, a mongrel, lost their owner on 4th July, 2007.

Mr Song Kai Yong, a Singaporean in his fifties, was riding his motor bike from Johor to Singapore when he was killed by a drunk driver at Pelangi, JB.

We understand from Maggie, Mr Song's niece, that her uncle, who was single, loved his dogs very much. He treated the dogs like his children, and every evening he would take them for walks.

After the death of Mr Song, his dogs were left alone at home for over a week. Maggie wanted to help the dogs. She tried rehoming them but who would want to adopt a 8 year old JRT cross or a brown mongrel that was somewhat less then friendly towards strangers.

Maggie got to know about Noah's Ark through a friend. One Sunday morning she called us for assistance. Knowing that the chance of these dogs finding new homes were slim, so Noah's Ark offered the family a helping hand.

When volunteers from Noah's Ark arrived to pick the dogs up, the dogs were still waiting in the hall for their owner to return.

Ah Boy

It was impossible to get hold of Ah Boy. He attempted to bite anyone who entered the house. It took us 2 days to catch and take him away.

Our volunteers helped to send these dogs for the necessary veterinary checks and process the paperwork needed to export them to Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary in Johore.

Since then, both Lala and Ah Boy have settled in comfortably.

Mr Song, if you can hear us, your dogs are in good hands.

Rest in Peace.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bicycle - Cross Breed

You can guess the reason why I was named Bicycle; that is simply because I loved to chase bicycles. For that, I was at the receiving end of many hard kicks and expletives.

My ex-owner used to own a bicyle and I would happily run alongside with him on his outings. Even when he dumped me, I was still guarding his bicycle everyday till his return.

After many days of not bringing me home and harsh words, I understand that I was no longer wanted and left to roam the streets.

Life was tough. There were fights with other dogs for that coveted sheltered spot on the 5 foot way. Food was handouts from kind patrons in the hawker centre or even religious food offerings left on the roadside.

Life took a break when I met Aunty Vivien, an old lady in her seventies who is a caregiver of rejects like me.

I was caught and sent to a kennel while pending to be rehomed. However, I was an accomplished escape artiste and there is no fence too high nor too difficult for me to scale.
I should be named Houdini instead. :D

Due to my hard life, I have little faith in humans and was constantly baring my teeth to scare them away, hence I was unsuitable for adoption. It was decided that I would be rehomed to Noah's Ark where I will live for the rest of my life.

In Noah's Ark, I know I am home at last. The days of scaling walls is over and I have turned into a friendly dog.

My buddy is Channel, another mongrel. We have a common fear of thunder and would keep each other company whenever the thunder rolls, in a sheltered spot.

When you are in Noah's Ark, please drop by to visit me. A pat on the head and a kind word makes my day!!

Paws and Licks,