Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Noah's Ark Fund Raising Dinner at Concorde Hotel Singapore, 4 June 2011

 This year, Noah's Ark CARES is privileged to partner Little Nyonya Express in a fundraising dinner they are organizing to benefit The Lupus Association and Noah's Ark CARES. We will not be organizing our fundraising dinner this year, instead we will be organizing other events to raise funds to support the work the society does - stray sterilization and education, and also for our animals at Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (...NANAS).

Come join us for an evening of fun and for a good cause - your support is important to us! Here's what the organizer has to say … The Peranakans are known for their merry makings and we would like you to come and expereince our Little Nyonya Express - Peranakan Malam Jolly. We have lots of Pernakan surprises and the night will be full of fun, laughter and joget till you drop with De'Evergreens. there will be a "tok panjang" Peranakan buffet - ayoh so shiok and sedep - you must try - Concorde Hotel is so well-known for Peranakan buffet.This is the first event organised by Little Nyonya Express. We hope you will support us and also our two adopted charities - Lupus Association (Singapore) and Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS).

The cost for the Peranakan Malam Jolly is only S$59 nett.Please do make a date with us:Date: Saturday, 4th June 2011Venue: Concorde Hotel - Orchard RoadTime: 7pm onwardsHurry, get your friends and family to join us in our merry making. Please make your reservations now - call Irene @ 96185520.The event is organized by Little Nyonya Express, hence all ticket sales will go through their organizing committee. Do contact Irene for more details. Noah's Ark CARES volunteers will be there that evening to assist the organizer. Our merchandise will also be on sale!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beauty With A Passion For Animals.

Miss Thanuja Ananthan was crowned the Miss World Malaysia 09/10 and for her strong passion towards animal, Thanuja was approached to be the first ever beauty queen as an ambassador of People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), joining the ranks of celebrities like Alicia Silverstone, Pamela Anderson, Maggie Quigley and Paul McCartney. Since then, she has been going all out to stop animal cruelty and to educate the public on neutering their pets.

Recently, The Junior Chamber International Kuala Lumpur (JCIKL) has invited Miss Thanuja for their 57th Installation and Awards Banquet and was given a whole full colour advertisement page of herself but she has decided to offered it to Noah’s Ark instead to help raise awareness on animal rights.

"Animals MUST be viewed as legal persons and members of the moral community as much as their human counterparts IF NOT MORE, being voiceless life's that they are!" - Miss Thanuja Ananthan (Miss World Malaysia 09/10)
Noah's Ark would like to thanks Miss Thanuja Ananthan for the full colour page advertisement.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Life as a Stray

Our life is harsh - did you know,
And it is a story that MUST be told,
I am a stray puppy living on a construction site,
One of the many hiding in plain sight.

Our mummy could not produce any milk,
So our tummies were never fully filled.
Every few days we get to have a bite,
When caring stray feeders make an effort to feed us late at night.

We drink water when rainwater collects in deep puddles,
Contaminated water that is full of disgusting germs.
Occasionally we have our lucky day,
When clean containers of fresh water are sent our way.

Amidst the dust, rocks and stones,
Buried in the earth are some doggy bones.
Some of my family members have already gone to heaven,
The result of many large industrial vehicle acciddents.

These are dangerous conditions that we live in,
Everyone claims we are too small to be seen,
Sometimes people drive right on by and do not care,
Ignorant and unknowing about our welfare.

I didn't ask to be born into this world,
It seems too unfriendly and cruel,
My future ahead seems too bleak,
Where is the warm loving home that i desperately seek???

*** You and i can help change the life of strays by educating all pet owners on neutering ***

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Seeing is Believing!

Sat, 5 March 2011 – I started the day at 6am. Left Ampang and headed out to the North South Highway where I picked my pal Evelyn. We were off on to Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter in Pekan Nanas, Johor.

This was our maiden trip to the Ark and we were really excited while at the same time nervous. Why? We weren’t sure what to expect when we got there. The both of us are completely dog mad, and we spoil our poochies (all of ours have either been adopted or rescued) rotten. And while we knew that the fate of the dogs in Noah’s Ark was going to better than those that were roaming the streets and probably even better than alot of those who actually have “homes”, we weren’t prepared for what we witnessed when we finally got there.

So 4 hours after our journey began, we finally arrived at Noah’s Ark, or NANAS as it is more affectionately known. As we drove up the dirt road leading to the entrance, we were greeted by several dogs that ran up to our car and just trotted alongside us till we parked.

We were taken in through a set of double gates, and we were soon greeted by a din of barks and howls. We were quickly ushered upstairs into the main house where Mr Raymund lived. There were quite a few dogs and a couple of cats in the house that were obviously very comfortable with their living arrangements.

Mr Raymund proved to be a charismatic person who clearly loved all his animals, and what struck me most was his statement - “If you adopt a dog from me, don’t make promises to me, make promises to your dog”.

Anyway, we finally made our way into the Ark. The initial experience of stepping through the gates was exhilarating! We were greeted by at least a hundred dogs! There were all sorts of dogs there, big dogs, little dogs, three legged dogs and even lots of pure bred dogs.

The sanctuary was huge. Much larger than we thought it would be. There was so much space for all the 850 odd dogs, 500 plus cats, several horses, a few snakes and some rabbits and hamsters. The dogs were all free to roam wherever they pleased, while the cats had a beautiful cattery.

What was interesting was that all the dogs seem to have formed small packs and they would remain within their own territory in the sanctuary and not cross over to another. It was as if there were invisible boundaries in place.

The grounds were surprisingly clean, and there were food bowls every few feet which were literally overflowing with food! And this phenomenon I am sure was not a show put on to impress us visitors because the dogs there were all certainly well fed as most of them were “fat” and you could count the skinny ones on one hand. Because food was abundant and there was more than enough space for all the 800+ dogs, there were very few squabbles between the dogs. And to our surprise, we didn’t find a single tick or flea on any of the dogs that we played with while we were there, and we can assure you that we played with alot of dogs!!!

Every dog there has its own story... Alot of them were abandoned or given up by their owners because they became a burden after the initial excitement of owning a dog wore off or because they developed some medical issue or other.

One dog in particular caught our attention and affection - a beautiful German Shepherd there by the name of Shalom. He was huge and powerful yet gentle. Shalom was apparently given up after he developed mange and his owners were more concerned about getting a compensation from his breeder instead of looking after him and nursing him back to health. And so Shalom ended up in NANAS. Shalom, however, seems to be thriving here. He was clearly the Alpha Male as he roamed freely throughout the entire sanctuary without a care for the invisible boundaries between the various packs.

Shalom’s story is just one of the many heart-breaking stories that you will hear at NANAS. We cannot understand how people can just give up their animals when it is no longer convenient for them or when they deem that the animals have become a burden. Do they not understand that animals are living beings with feelings and emotions? Do they not understand that a pet is for life?

                                                        Me with Shalom (GSD)

But at the end of the day, every dog seemed genuinely happy there. And we sincerely believe that their lives at the sanctuary are far better than their previous lives.
We are very glad that there is a place like NANAS where these poor “unwanted” animals have been given a second chance at life.

Natasha Fernz

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm Beth The Fabulous

"I'm Beth the Fabulous, one of the dogs here at Noah's Ark and this is my story. I had my right hind leg injured while i was with my previous owner. I'm not sure how it happens, but i do know that i was at the vet for a surgery to have my leg fixed. Next thing i knew, i was send to an animal shelter because in my owner's eyes, i'm no longer the "perfect" dog he once had.

Anyway, I made new friends at the shelter but none of them lasted because one by one they were adopted. After two and a half years at the shelter, i found out that no one was keen to adopt me.


Finally, i was taken out from the shelter and had a four hours drive to an amazing sanctuary called Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) that is based in Johor. Now i can relax, take it easy and enjoy doing the things i do best and that is, waking up every morning by having a good splash into the pond and feel peace, love and understanding with Mother Nature.

So that's my story. It started out a bit sad but thanks to the wonderful people like YOU who support NANAS. I'm truly blessed. "

Beth "A"

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Melody - the durian loving horse

Yes. She loves durian.

During durian season, whenever she hears a thud on the ground, she would gallop as fast as she could to the fallen fruit before anyone else could. No wonder the workers at NANAS would complain that Melody always gets the best durian.

Now, how does a horse eat the thorny durian? According to Mr Raymond Wee, Melody would smash open the tough thorny shell with her front hoof. Once the durian is cracked, Melody would take her time to saviour the fleshy creamy pulp like any durian loving human does.

We are not sure how Melody got her taste for durian but we bet she is very happy living in NANAS with four other rescued horses like her. She was saved from being slaughtered and fed to the animals at the zoo.

Her stable opens up to a field with some durian trees. She gets to roam freely among the other inhabitants of NANAS. Occasionally she and the other horses get chased by some playful dogs giving them some needed workout. Heheh!

Say hello to Melody at the stable when you visit NANAS.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Planning To Visit NANAS?

Direction :
Travel on the highway and look out for a sign-board that reads "Gelang Patah" prepare to exit at Exit 312D to Gelang Patah on your left. You are travelling on a single lane traffic - drive straight and you will see a cross-junction at [9 km] turn left. Drive straight and at [10 km] it is a cross junction - turn right (Landmark: to your right it is Shell Petrol Station) Continue to drive straight and look out for blue and white signboard on your left that reads "Ulu Chioh and Ulu Pulai" - at [14 km] turn left onto "Ulu Pulai". Continue to drive straight all the way (it is a single lane traffic) - you will drive pass kampong houses and rubber plantation.

At [15 km] - please slow down and look out for a yellow and black signboard on your right that reads NANAS at [18 km] turn right and drive straight into NANAS.
You made it - welcome on board!

Other things you should know about visiting.
  • Shoes (sneakers), rather than sandals are recommended.
  • Wear clothing that is appropriate.
  • You're likely to be greeted by some quite enthusiastic dogs and cats.
  • Please be aware that your behavior will have an effect on the animals. Calm and gentle behavior has a soothing effect. Loud noises, exaggerated gestures and running tend to disturb the animals.
  • You are not allowed to bring your pets in the sanctuary.
If you’re planning to volunteer at the sanctuary, you must attend a volunteer orientation before starting your first volunteer assignment.

Please take note that you will need to make an appointment to reserve your visit at this number 019-7159199.

If you're driving down from KL, the drive takes approximately 4 hours.

NANAS doesn't accept animals into the Sanctuary without prior notification and approval.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Ode To A Legless Monkey Named Berry

I saw this cute little fler at Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) last weekend. Out of the blue, I got an inspiration to write a little poem for this little fler when I got back to KL. LOL!

I'm no poet but I hope the rhymes are OK. ENJOY!

Meet the latest resident in NANAS named Berry
He's a two month old long tailed monkey
How he ended in NANAS is a tragic story
Read on about him while I attempt myself at poetry...

A few weeks back he was crossing the highway
with his family just like any other sunny day
Suddenly a car sped by and knocked him astray
Turning a fine sunny day into a distressed MayDay.

He was thrown into the air and landed on the ground
His mother was on the other side making screaming sound
The driver stopped and turned around
But nothing much he could do as Berry was hit badly down.

You could call Berry a lucky monkey
At the same place and the same time, came pass Mr. Raymund Wee
He saw what happened, he saw the tragedy
He offered his help and took Berry back to the sanctuary

For a tiny monkey, Berry was extremely brave
He fought for his live, and never give a bye bye wave.
But even though Berry was rescued from an early grave
His two hind legs were too damaged to be saved

So, off they went to cut of his legs
Oh I wonder how much more his frail little body could take
But his spirit no one could not break
And his will to live no one could shake

Now, He moves around by pushing his body with his arms
Kept in a cage to keep him away from harm
This little monkey does has his own charm
He's a bit shy but you could allow him to eat from your palm.

Though Berry might not be able to climb another tree
Or swing from a vine to another like in National Geography
But I hope in NANAS he will be happy
He is a true survivor, a legless monkey named Berry.

Send some love and supports to Berry by donating to NANAS. Call Mr. Raymund Wee at +60197159199 for details.

Note: NANAS is a no kill animal sanctuary situated in Johor. Currently providing shelter to abandoned and abused animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and now a legless monkey named Berry too.