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Noah's Residents

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sanctuary Update April 2012

Sanctuary Update April 2012

NANAS – our sanctuary in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, exists as a haven mainly for abused/abandoned animals, providing care, shelter and food for them to live their lives out with dignity. We have always emphasized, that the sanctuary is a place which mongrels factually form a large part, as they are the most misunderstood breed of all and bluntly speaking – most unadoptable. Though our priority goes to mongrels, we definitely do help others in need as well. Given the huge population of canines alone, we have to be really selective about taking in cases, to balance up caring for those already entrusted to us.

Rain or shine, it’s always a busy day at the sanctuary from dawn to dusk. For our founder Raymund, for the workers, and for the animals too. With the unpredictable weather recently, it has been flooding on and off at NANAS due to sudden heavy downpours. Not too good for the animals especially, though they make merry out of the situation regardless. It is actually a joy to simply watch them play carefreely in the rain/water like little children, splashing around and chasing each other.

At present moment, NANAS is undergoing some renovations and shifting, and the reason dates way back to when we first moved over in 2000. Apparently, the land surveyor miscalculated initially and part of the land NANAS is currently situated on actually belongs to the government and is supposed to be a public road. After so many years, this oversight was discovered but the negotiations came to naught and we are compelled to move part of the sanctuary and return that part of the land to the government.

These are the areas affected by the move.

The part of the sanctuary we have to vacate is unfortunately the clinic and part of the main lodge, plus the entire stretch downwards including the quarantine area beside the main lodge, smaller cattery, rabbit hutch and part of the cat and dog quarantine area (beside the rabbit hutch). Apart from the costs involved in moving, it is extremely taxing on both the workers and the animals, and definitely Raymund, as he has to oversee everything. To cut costs, NANAS is using our own sanctuary workers to do the construction and building with the contractor guiding them. It has really been a challenging period for the workers but we are grateful they are helping us tide over such tough times.

Nonetheless, the work continues, whether in Singapore for stray sterilization, or in Malaysia. And recently, NANAS had to take in three large dogs from the Malaysia side – two old German Shepherds and a young Chow Chow.

Flame was cruelly dumped outside our sanctuary door (this is why we don't have an address or else NANAS would become a dumping ground), where huge lorries zoomed past negligently. Flame looked like he was used for breeding, and he did not seem comfortable with human contact. Upon closer inspection, he had really weak hinds and that was how the workers managed to catch him with only a slight struggle, though he growled at them non-stop. Though he can still walk, he does so with extreme effort. Our hearts ached when we saw him maneuvering around so slowly. We are monitoring him and hopeful that as he gains some weight and becomes stronger, he can move around more easily too. 

This is Flame

Janosh is estimated to be about six years old as informed by the owner when he brought Janosh to the vet to be put down. However, he looks older than that probably due to inadequate care. He is a German import which cost the owner a whopping RM25,000, yet once past his prime, he was no longer valued. We presently have three GSDs at NANAS – Shalom the infamous big kid who does not know his size, Shane and Pharaoh, two other old boys. With these two newcomers, it brings the number up to five. Do email us if you will kindly like to sponsor their stay at our sanctuary. This is Janosh:


The Chow Chow has not been named as yet but does look really adorable. She had a huge maggot wound at her side which the owner conveniently deemed too difficult to treat, but she has since recovered nicely from it and has already been sterilized. Only three years old, she is up for adoption but only in Malaysia. If you know of any friend across the causeway who will like to adopt her, do drop us a note at

                     Chow Chow

Last but definitely not least, while works are being carried out, the animals still need to be fed. For the month of April, we are currently having a food donation drive with Pets' Station (, and am also in the midst of planning a fundraising dinner in June.

Though the sanctuary is not in tip top condition as of now, we do hope to have you visit in the upcoming tour and say hi to the animals! We are sure they will love your company (and treats). See you soon!

If you would like to make a donation, here are the details :

Noah's Ark Natural Animal Shelter.
Account Number 01190002636058
CIMB Bank, Gelang Patah branch JB.

Thank you.