Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

From a Paw-per to a Princess

We often read about sad cruel stories of abandonment and human apathy. Here is a story for you that I hope will strum your happy heartstrings.

The protagonist in this tale is NaNa, pictured below.

Princess NaNa” reclining on the sofa

NaNa started her life as homeless kitten in the Kota Laksamana Flats in Melaka. I do not know how she got there. On one fateful day, she decided to befriend Fiona, an animal rescuer. Seeing that the scrawny little kitten was too small to be on her own, Fiona brought her to us at the *Animal Birth Control (ABC) Clinic, Melaka.

When I first set eyes on this feline, she was barely big enough to cover the palm of my hand. However, she appeared healthy - no skin disease, wounds or fleas.  And, she had the most glorious tail. Long and graceful, it curls and wraps around her body softly. I named her “Mini Fiona”, after her rescuer.
When Mini Fiona was older and stronger, I had her spayed. As she was a well socialized kitten, I set about looking for a good home for her. A friend who owns a wellness centre expressed an interest for a kitten in her saloon, although she had no experience in handling animals. But I figured that since I was a regular there, I would be able to see Mini Fiona and render any assistance that may be required.

In July 2011, at the age of 4 months old, Mini Fiona settled into her new life with a new name “NaNa.” My earlier concern about NaNa having to adjust to her new home was unfounded.  NaNa has human slaves fawning over her. She has a wide selection of kitty food, kitty toys, kitty treats, kitty litter, kitty collars and kitty everything. Her mama even sews kitty pillows for her. This feline is very regal and snooty. She holds her head high and nibbles at her food daintily, thus earning her the name of “Gōngzhǔ mao” (“Princess Cat” in Chinese).  Well, she does behave like a princess, except, during bath time.

When the first drop of water touched NaNa, she screeched so loudly that her new mama did not think cats were capable of. It was as if she were being murdered. I am sure she thought so too.

Despite her size, four ladies had to hold her down during her involuntary ablution. They did not suffer very much, only a few thousand scratches.

Over time, NaNa tolerated her floral bouquet baths.  Her white coat is so clean that I am sure she will win the title of the most pristine cat in Melaka. Although I do not think she appreciated the efforts put in by her loyal subjects.
Having NaNa has made her mama and the rest of the ladies at the saloon more aware of the plight of strays and the importance of sterilisation (spay & neuter), which they were ignorant of before.  

NaNa has come a long way from her humble beginnings as a stray kitten. Now, she is a wholly indoor cat, a mascot for the saloon. She greets the clients who walk in, now and then (depending on her royal highness’s moods). She is enjoying this peaceful and pampered life in her castle, commanding her devoted serfs with a flick of her expressive tail.

* Animal Birth Control (ABC) Clinic, Melaka – is a no frills, low cost clinic offering spaying (for females) and neutering (for males) services for cats and dogs. All cats & dogs spayed and neutered will have their left ear clipped to show that they have been altered. ABC strongly believes that spaying & neutering is more humane than culling, in order to reduce the over-population of unwanted animals.

Contributed by Siah Li Mei, Melaka.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Betrayed by humans

From left: Jasper and Amber's condition when they just arrived at the sanctuary.

They are a popular choice for dogs but these two German Shepherds, Jasper and Amber were not so lucky.

Jasper and Amber were given up by their owners because their owners refused to spend the money to treat both the dogs’ skin problems and Jasper had a huge open wound which was infested with maggots.  To avoid the hassle of caring for their pets, the owner brought their dogs to the vet to be put down which is an easy option.

Amber was timid and scare of people.
She had over grown nails and wounds on her paws.

Both the dogs are young, we estimate that they are about 3 years old and the vet could not bear to euthanize the dogs and he called Raymund if the sanctuary could care for them.

Raymund – could never bear to see young dogs’ life being terminated that he kindly opened his heart and welcome them to stay at Noah's Ark.

When the dogs arrived, there was sadness in their eyes – because they weren’t sure what their future was.  First they were brought to the vet to be euthanized and the next hour, they were brought to the sanctuary.  The dogs smelled of pee and obviously, the owner did not bath the dogs for ages.

With care and TLC - they have recovered tremendously and
they are now running freely at the sanctuary.

With proper bathing and medication, it took us about 3 months for the dogs to recover from their skin problems and today both Jasper and Amber are running freely at the sanctuary. 


Jasper loves to play catch in the evening with the dogs – it is a wonderful feeling to see them so happy and carefree.


Amber is more reserved, she likes to lay at her cosy corner and watch the world goes by.  She is very grateful to Noah's Ark for giving her a second chance.

If you can’t give the commitment to care for a pet for life, 
do not keep one.  
You are causing misery and heart ache for the dogs.
Dogs have feelings and emotions like you and me, 
they are our companion animals,
they will always be loyal to you.
A dog will never betray its Master, 
it will protect its Master from danger.
A dog will always be there to comfort you in both good and bad times.
They are a part of our lives,
they are Man’s Best Friend.

Both Jasper and Amber are available for Noah’s Ark Animal Sponsorship programme, its costs S$50/RM$100 a month to sponsor their stay at the Ark.

Contributed by Darren and Lynda 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Franciscan Priests blessed 1000 animals at Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary

8 November 2013, Franciscan Priests from the church of St Mary of the Angels were invited to bless Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) in Johor Bahru.

The sanctuary came about through Mr Raymund Wee, a catholic whose vision was to give hope to abandoned and abused animals. He started to build this special place in Singapore in 1995. 

However, in the year 2000, the tender for the renewed lease of land at Jalan Kayu was unsuccessful. The ark was relocated to Malaysia and is home to 600 dogs, 300 cats, 9 horses, 4 monkeys and 9 rabbits that have been rescued.

The blessing of animals at the church of St Mary of the Angels has a rich 10 year history according to Franciscans priests, Fr John-Paul Tan (OFM, JCL, Chancellor) and Fr John Derrick Yap (OFM). The yearly tradition coincides with the feast day of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of ecology and animals.

Darren (left) introducing Huggy Boy a gibbon to Fr John-Paul 

Fr Derrick blessing the cats.

The priests were on hand to lead in the first official blessing of the animals at the sanctuary together with Catholic parishioners from Singapore.

Raymund checking on Chun Doong's teeth
Mr Raymund Wee, founder of Noah's Ark says, “The blessing is a good eye-opener and it shows that people still care for animals.”  Adding on he says with a laugh, “The purpose is to bless the animals so that they can forgive the humans for their wrong-doings to them.”

Being true animal lovers, Fr John-Paul believes that, “The animals are very lucky to have such a place.”  At Noah's Ark, the animals are free to roam the sanctuary and food, water and medical treatments are provided for them. Fr Derrick added that, “It is amazing to see the close relationships that the animals enjoy with each other, even the three-legged ones.”  However, most animals at Noah's Ark have troubled pasts where they are subjected to cruelty. Fr John-Paul says, “ Having an animal is a stewardship, if you can’t take care of it, pass it on to someone else who will continue to care for it.”

Animals are also referenced in the bible such as the book of Genesis and the story of Noah’s Ark. The Christian significance of the blessing is to remind people to always respect, love and care for animals.

Fr Derrick with Cinzano, ex dressage horse.

Fr Derrick stressed that St Francis of Assisi, believed in a common fatherhood, where all creation are brothers and sisters. All creation is to bless God together. The Christian message of the blessing serves as a reminder for Christians to love God’s unique creation.  

Ms Linda Shaw, a parishioner from the church of St. Ignatius says, “The blessing was a wonderful experience and has helped us renew our faith as Christians to love animals.” Adding on she says, “We must look after God’s creation.”

A natural environment for the animals to call home. 

The inspiration behind the name of Noah's Ark came from the bible where Noah was asked to build the ark to house the animals and his family. This was done according to God’s plan to save them from the great flood. Similarly, the ark was built with the purpose to help animals in need and protect them from harm.

Rosina giving Snoopy a pat. 

Ms Rosina Maria Arquati, an animal communicator who is vegan, a catholic and attends the church of St. Joseph (Hong Kong) remarks, “It is an uplifting, inspiring and calming spiritual experience to see the animals being blessed.”  Adding on she says, “In the bible, God gave us domain over the animals, it shows that God trusts us with them.”  Therefore we have the utmost responsibility to care for the animals.

Oso a GR Retriever showing off to our visitors that he can swimm.

Cats watching the dogs swim at their balcony.

Mr Raymund Wee also shares that he relies on a Christian song, “One Day at a time, Sweet Jesus”, which is written by the late Patsy Cline to get him through the trials and tribulations that he faces in running the sanctuary.  The meaningful lyrics of the song he shares is to live one day at a time, pray consistently and to ask for God’s continued grace and strength to help him, one step at a time.

The beauty of the ark can be seen in the sacrifices where no animal is turned away and are able to have the freedom and shelter they deserve. By respecting God’s creatures great and small, the world would be a better and humane society for us, God’s children to co-exist with God’s creatures. For stories and updates about the ark, please like our page at

Written by Darren Chan Keng Leong

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Equidae Moment at Noah's Ark

Left: Prisma grooming Cinzano

Left: Cinzano and Apache

Top picture from left: Melody, Apache, Whatsmore, Cinzano, Prisma and Boom Boom
Bottom picture from left: Prisma, Boom Boom, Whatsmore and Cinzano

Top picture from left: Whatsmore, Boom Boom, Apache, Cinzano, Prisma and Melody
Bottom picture: Primus 

Super Star Boom Boom