Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Sunday, May 31, 2015

An Impactful News Event: Animal Welfare in Singapore

The news event that has impacted me would be "Amendments to animal welfare Bill detailed", a recent news report that was covered by Channel News Asia, and many other news channels. 

As an animal welfare volunteer and caregiver, I have a passion for the welfare of animals. It has always been out of my own compassion and conscience that I have tried to help animals that have crossed paths with me, and to help them without reservation is to lead by example.

I have actively lobbied for changes to be made to the private bill concerning animal welfare legislation through means such as writing my thoughts to the various news forums. It is a first step in the right direction to finally see that the government is increasing the penalties for cases of animal cruelty and neglect. This newly tabled legislation will send a strong signal to pet owners to practice responsible care for their pets and punish offenders with stiffer penalties.

Animals that do not have a home are often the target of animal abusers as these people do not seem to have the ability to tolerate and try to co-exist with these animals. This social issue has made me wonder whether society has lost the ability to love, respect and be open. My argument would be that if the person does not love animals, they do not need to hurt them but to just leave them alone. Through this legislation, I hope that these abusers could be harshly dealt with for harming these innocent and helpless animals. The question being raised by me is that, “If society cannot even respect ,and love these sentient beings, how can we learn to love and accept one another?”

Moreover, the authorities need to work together with the various animal welfare groups to come up with humane methods to decrease the stray population through sterilisation and education outreach to help society understand the concept of tolerating and respecting these animals. These animals do not ask for anything out of the ordinary, they only require the basic needs to survive which is food, water and love. Looking at the number of animal cruelty, and abandonment cases pains me because it is a reflection of society, and of how people are unable to be compassionate to provide for these animals the care that they deserve with sincerity. 

Also, animals are being exploited through unethical breeding such as through puppy mills and for entertainment purposes that their health is being compromised. I have always inform people who want to get a pet to adopt and not to buy from pet shops as many animals in shelters are looking for homes and they make great pets. Most of the animals in pet shops are the subject of breeding and people exploit these animals for the sake of monetary gains by in-breeding which will affect the animals and their off-springs. Recently, the dolphins in Underwater World Singapore have skin cancer and their health is neglected grossly as the organization is too focused on the entertainment factor that they fail to provide for them. The public need to realise that animal welfare is looking at the bigger picture of weighing the consequences of our actions and finding ways to make the lives of these animals better and not to destroy their lives any further.  

Also people need to understand that if we do not help these animals, who will? It is disappointing that society is not open to speak up for animal rights and to actively show others that the welfare of these animals is of great importance. However, these challenges have enabled me to carry on fighting for animal rights and to prove people that they can co-exist with animals.

I am in favor of animal rights, as well as human rights, which is the way of the whole human being. - Abraham Lincoln  

The stark reality is that people need to open their hearts to accept these animals. These steps will lead to a society that has the heart, and mindset for positive changes to be implemented in the area of animal welfare. Mahatma Gandhi once said that you can gauge a country by how well it treats its animals, this quote shows that Singapore still has a long way to go in realizing the importance of animal welfare and positive change that will benefit the animals. 

By Darren Chan

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Over legislation kills

Photo credits: 
Genevieve Yap Lai Ye, Student of Lasalle College of the Arts

In a society where we boast of freedom and clearly recognised the importance of our leadership in this region, one must be increasingly disillusioned by the simple things in life that prevent us from moving ahead even further. We can successfully persuade family to stop at two, monopolies the gambling industries and having the marketing prowess to alter human life in this city call Singapore.

The suffering of our street animals is a deep and quiet thing and yet thousands of people hear and care and hope to answer this call. More than 25 Animal Welfare Groups have invested their time and money. While Singaporeans are donating thousands of their dollars to animal welfare organisations who promised that they are relieving animal sufferings.

But are they? Or, is the trust being placed in them by their donors, being betrayed.?

The overpopulation of dogs and cats is the major source of the suffering and death of thousands of animals a year in Singapore. This is a problem for which the cause is well known, the consequences of not solving it are well known and the tools for solving it are within reach. And yet, little headway is being made. It is one  of the simplest problems to correct.

Where is the effort to prevent the over population in the first place?

Our society should devote a sizable of our existence to find out the problem that is facing us and to realise that we must refocus our efforts on the TRUE meaning of responsibility and compassion and to understand that even though only one voice, each human is part of a societal choir of sorts that has far reaching consequences for everyone in that given society. We can never expect to win the game until all teammates play by the same rules.

The Animal Welfare Groups are not useless. It is a better place with them than without them, but they fall short. To whom much is given, much is expected.
Remember over legislation kills more good people.

By Raymund Wee

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Farewell my friend...

Sir Whatmore
5 May 1998 to 9 May 2015

        To my owner,

When I won races and brought you glory, 
you cheered and praised me. My owner.

When I could no longer race and had to retire, 
you cast me aside and abandoned me. My owner.

Alas, when I was into the twilight and breathed my last, 
you were unaware as you have forgotten me. My owner.

       Your once faithful race horse,

Whatmore (left) with Sky Governor running with dogs.

Photo credits: Anne Young

Boomerlake and Whatmore (both were ex race horses) -
RIP my dear friends.

Photo credits: Anne Young

"Ask not how much your race horse won for you but 
ask how little had you done in return" - Author Unknown

Thank you Anne for capturing these photos of Whatmore for us to remember.