Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) 2013 Calendar is on Sale


In this issue, we celebrate the sanctuary - the ark of life and love - where the animals we have saved have found forever homes in either the sanctuary or with a family.

Not to forget the sterilisation project and why it is absolutely necessary. In all, it represents the hard work, sweat and sometimes, tears of volunteers who are sensitive towards the cries of neglected and abandoned animals.

Each calendar costs RM25 and be assured that it will go a long way towards helping the animals. 

To get your hands on this calendar please call +60197159199 (during office hours) to place your orders.

Noah's Ark would like to wish everyone a blessed New Year.

Noah's Ark A.B.C (Animal Birth Control) Mobile Clinic

Noah's Ark A.B.C has been going mobile to help control pet overpopulation and improve the well-being of both animals and communities by providing spay/neuter programmes, basic care and animal welfare education to those in need.

This "spay-shuttle" is a 20 feet long caravan equipped with a surgical suite, which also doubles up as a mobile adoption centre.

The Spay Shuttle provides free spay/neuter services for street cats and dogs and lower-income pet owners. Most owners from this demographic group cannot afford to have their pets sterilised; hence this collaborative programme launched by Noah's Ark is working to change this through a holistic and community-wide-approach.

Noah's Ark administers the programme with the help of contributions and donations it receives from supporters, volunteers and friends. This helps to defray the costs of a full-time veterinarian, surgeries and other medical expenses.

With this project-based programme, cats and dogs can now be sterilised in public places, such as warongs, gerais, kampungs, bus terminals, schools and resorts.

Noah's Ark A.B.C will be heading soon to Larkim Central Johor to sterilize the stray cats and to educate to all pet owners to be responsible on sterilising their pets. 

For our "spay-shuttle" service, please call Helpline +60197159199 (during office hours)