Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ginger - Cross Breed

My name is Ginger and I am a pint size mongrel.

I was searching for food when Lily saw me. I was suffering from severe mange and completely bald.

Lily nursed me to health and tried to keep me at home but I loved running out to the busy street too much.

So Lily thought that it was better for me that I move to Noah's Ark where I will be free to roam and run in safety.

Here in Noah's Ark, there's plenty of food, water and shelter. The animals also receive medical care and lots of TLC.

I do not need to lead a life of wandering, not knowing when the next meal will be. It's a happy ending for a little dog like me.

For that, we the animals would like to thank Uncle Raymund and all those who made Noah's Ark; an animal haven with a no-kill policy; a reality.

Paws and Licks,

Max - Rottweiler

I am Max and I am almost 2 years old.

I had my tail docked when I was a puppy. My ex-owner caged me up at his own leisure until he decides what he wanted to do with me.

As a result, my hind muscle have wasted away and I had difficulties walking. Luckily, I was rescued by Noah's Ark and was fostered out to Uncle Bernard who took me out daily for many walkies as physiotherapy.

In no time, I was healed and running; and poor Uncle Bernard had a hard time keeping up.

It was decided that I will be rehomed in Noah's Ark where the huge space will allow me to indulge in my passion of running.

Here in Noah's Ark, I stay in the stables with the horses and enjoy daily dips in the water lily pond. Do drop by for a visit when you are here.

Thank you Noah's Ark for giving me a home and Uncle Bernard for taking care of me.

Paws and Licks,

Eva - Pyreness Mountain Dog

My name is Eva and I am a Pyrenees Mountain Dog.

I am one of the flood survivors from the 2006 floods in Johore.

When I first arrived at Noah's Ark, I was all skin and bones. Today, I have blossomed into a beautiful lady.

If you do come and visit Noah's Ark - please do come and say "hi" to me. I am alive and safe today because Noah's Ark and all their supporters who believed that they needed to go that extra mile to bring us safely home.

Thank you for caring and making a difference to our lives.

Paws and Licks,

Photo credits:  Nicholas Lee

Angus - Feline

My biggest flaw in my owner's eyes was growing into an adult cat and not remaining a kitten in perpetuity. A flaw I am afraid even humans despite their intelligence and advances in science have failed to "correct".

So not surprisingly; a less than pleasant fate was meted out to me when I turned one. I was cruelly abandoned at a car park after a new litter of kittens was introduced to my ex-owner's place.

Luckily someone found me and brought me to Noah's Ark. I am now a happy resident at Kuching Wisma.

So do drop by when you are next at the Ark and give me a pat, it would definitely be much appreciated.

Paws and Meows,

Photo credits: Nicholas Lee

Shadow - Husky

I am Shadow the husky.

We are strong willed dogs bred to work. If we do not have a task to fulfill, we became destructive and willful. As close relative to our wild ancestors - the wolves, we love to howl. It's a way of communication especially when we can't see our family members, howling is a way of maintaining contact over long distances.

Sadly, many people consider us beautiful dogs but failed to appreciate out unique personalities and temperament.

My previous owners were no different and eventually abandoned me at Noah's Ark. Not surprising, I was very frustrated and angry at this abandonment and attacked many of the other dogs.

But with some disciplining, lots of love and patience I have learnt to accept authority and leadership within our "pack" at the Ark.

I am a much happier dog now; content with the large grounds at the Ark that allow me to roam with a purpose.

Why don't you check on me on your next visit to the Ark?

Paws and Licks,

Maaf - Cross Breed


My name is Maff. I came to Noah's Ark by a stroke of luck.

A school teacher saw a car collided into me and rushed to see what she could do. I was in a dreadful state and had to eventually have my left hind leg amputated by the vet.

However, it seemed a small price to pay as she decided to adopt me and give me a place call home.

Sadly, because of superstition, she was forced to give me up as her mother believed that a black and white dog with a missing hind leg would bring bad luck to the family.

Luckily, she decided to rehome me at Noah's Ark where I am much loved by everyone. I guess my lost limb was the price I paid for a second change at happiness.

Do support Noah's Ark in their fund raising if you can. The animal shelter is a refuge for handicapped animals like me and needs your support to keep it running.

And when you are in Noah's Ark, do drop by and give me a pat on the head. It feels great to be loved!

Paws and Licks,

Photo credits: Nicholas Lee

Princess - German Shepherd


My name is Princess and I have called Noah's Ark my home for the last 4 years.

I was sent here as I suffered from a mild case of hip dysphasia which meant an end to my hopes of being shown.

Despite this 'defect,' Uncle Raymond showered me with much love and care. He gave me the freedom to run around the entire compound of the Ark - which proved to be the best cure for my hips.

So today, if you ever visit the Ark, you will find me happily cavorting with the other dogs, chasing butterflies and indulging in my daily dip in the pond.

So do drop by and say hi - I would be thrilled to see you.

Paws and Licks,