Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Saturday, September 9, 2017

About Noah's Ark

About Noah’s Ark
June 1995
Noah’s Ark Lodge Private Animal Shelter was set up in Singapore by Raymund Wee to give animals that have been abused, abandoned and made homeless, a second chance to live out the rest of their lives with dignity.
June 2000
When the lease expired, the sanctuary moved to Johor, Malaysia and Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter (NANAS) was established on a 10-acre site near Gelang Patah.

Since then, more than 1,000 animals from Singapore have made their way to this free roaming and no kill sanctuary.  

The sanctuary is now home to 700 dogs, 300 cats, 9 horses, primates, a wild boar and many other small animals.

A good number of these animals were accepted on compassionate grounds.  They had belonged to either poor, elderly, sick or infirmed owners who were unable to continue with the care of their pets.
Noah’s Ark CARES (NA CARES) was registered to be the Singapore arm of NANAS.  It was responsible for raising funds for sanctuary operations in Johor, Malaysia as well as animal welfare work in Singapore.
9 May 2016
NA CARES was granted charity status.  

Rules and regulation imposed by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth led to immediate separation of funding and activities of both entities.  
Funds raised in Singapore could no longer be used to fund sanctuary operations in Malaysia.

All funding from NA CARES ceased at the end of May 2016.
1 July 2016

NANAS Malaysia separated from NA CARES Singapore.

The two entities are no longer affiliated to each other.
27 July 2016
A new entity, Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter in Singapore was formed to replace NA CARES to continue its mission to help animals in need, both in Singapore and Malaysia.

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