Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mickey & Pluto are now living at Noah’s Ark

Mickey (second from left) and Pluto (second from right)
hanging out with their new friends.

Mickey and Pluto were two guard dogs living in a factory which was in the process of closing its operations.  Having outlived their usefulness, they would most probably be left behind to fend for themselves.  This is a very common scenario during difficult economic times.

Taking Action
Hearing about the plight of these two dogs, Roger and Christine, at their own expense, engaged a security guard to feed and look after the dogs at the empty facility while they searched for a long-term solution to provide for the dogs.  They wrote to many rescue groups in Singapore but to no avail so they turned to Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) in Johor which took up the case.

Having paid for the health checks at the vet, they also sponsored the dogs’ journey to NANAS.  They continued to help with monthly contributions for the dogs under the Noah's Ark sponsorship programme and made it a point to visit the dogs at NANAS whenever there was a public tour.  More importantly, Roger and Christine are committed to the care of the dogs even after Noahs Ark took up the case.



Commitment and Responsibility
So what does it actually take to save an animals life?  Aside from having compassion and making that one phone call, it takes commitment and responsibility.  Rescue groups depend largely on volunteers.  When someone reports a case to us, the work does not stop there.  It is only just the beginning.

Roger and Christine were not able to keep the dogs because of their existing pet commitments but that did not stop them from giving the two dogs another shot at life.  It was inhumane to leave them to fight for their own fate. 

They could not turn a blind eye but instead were committed and changed the lives of these two dogs.  Mickey and Pluto would never have had a new lease of life in NANAS if WORDS did not turn into ACTION. 

One persons action can turn another’s life into a better one.  We cannot thank Roger and Christine enough for their commitment to save the lives of these two dogs and for continuing their journey with them.

You Can Also Help Us To Help Them
Rescue work is never easy and that is the reason why we need your help so we can help these unfortunate animals.  If you are able to contribute in any way to our cause, please contact us at

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Khang Khang's plight - slashed by a man wielding a parang

Khang Khang - after the attack by the abuser
and before he was brought to the
 animal clinic in Melaka.

Khang Khang was slashed by a man wielding a parang on a motorbike at Taman Malim Jaya, Melaka. When the first blow struck, Khang Khang was so stunned that he shat and peed on the spot, giving the sadist a second chance to slash him again. That shook him up and he ran away leaving a trail of blood behind him.

Khang Khang became a stray 2 months ago. He had an owner. She died from a sudden stroke in a hospital. Overnight he was homeless. Khang Khang depended on the neighbours to feed him.

At the animal clinic in Melaka.
He stayed over night so that he could have
a good's night rest and away from harm.

A neighbour and her 4 year old grandson witnessed the attack on Khang Khang. Her daughter contacted us and asked for help as he was in pain and flies were hovering over his wound.

We advised to bring Khang Khang to an animal clinic in Melaka for treatment.  The neighbour also feared for his safety as the abuser was seen "ronda" the Taman, looking for Khang Khang.

When Raymund Wee learnt of Khang Khang's plight, he immediately offered the sanctuary as a permanent home.

Khang Khang was discharged from animal clinic
in Melaka and on the way to a "safe place".

Khang Khang with our volunteer in Melaka.
He knew he was going to a safe place.

Khang Khang at a "safe place" while waiting for arrangements
to send him to the sanctuary.

Khang Khang made his journey to Noah's Ark.

Removing the maggots.

The wounds are stitched up.
The tubes are surgical drainage tubes to prevent
accumulating fluid, typically blood which serves
as a medium for bacterial growth.

Dr Keshia attending to Khang Khang.
After stitching the wounds, Dr Keshia had him castrated.
About 2 weeks later, Khang Khang's wounds were healing.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

NANAS Fund Raising Dinner 2016

Dear Friends of NANAS,

NANAS Presents An Evening With Vernon Cornelius

If you love listening to the oldies, you must come to our dinner featuring Vernon Cornelius who is also known as the Cliff Richard of Singapore.  Vernon has kindly consented to perform on this special evening to help us feed the animals at Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter.

We have many hungry mouths to feed on a daily basis so do gather your friends and family and make a date with us as we bring you down memory lane for a very good cause.  The animals will thank you for helping us to help them.

Date:            Friday, 25 November

Time:           7.30 – 10.30 pm

Venue:         Singapore Swimming Club
                     Fort & Mountbatten Room, Level 2
                     45 Tanjong Rhu Road S(436899)

Price:           $1,888 per table (front rows)
                     $1,288 per table
                     $158 per ticket

To book a table or a seat, please email us at as soon as possible to secure your seats.

See you there for an enjoyable evening of oldies but goodies!

Yours sincerely,

The Team @ NANAS