Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

SPCA Singapore Volunteers at Noah's Ark

SPCA Singapore @ work in Noah's Ark! 

SPCA volunteers are important to the organization, and we show our appreciation of their time and effort in volunteering with us, by organizing activities for them; one such activity was a visit to Bollywood Veggies in appreciation for our volunteer fosterers. SPCA volunteers are also encouraged to give their time to help with other causes so we spent a day at Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary in Johor Bahru, Malaysia .

14 of us made a trip to Noah's Ark on 2 August as part of our volunteer outreach programme with other non-profit groups.

We were greeted by the resident dogs upon our arrival, after which Noah's Ark volunteers led us into the premises. After a quick breakfast and a personal, warm greeting by Raymund Wee, the founder of Noah's Ark who gave an impassioned talk on the work he and his volunteers undertake to care for the animals, we headed out to work.

As was arranged prior to the trip, the volunteers were assigned in teams to work with Noah's Ark volunteers at the various sections like the monkey's enclosure, horse stables, catteries, kennels, quarantine, and the clinic.

The first stop was to visit the monkeys’ enclosure where some of us had the chance to feed them with bananas!  After visiting the monkeys, we were led to the stables where 10 horses were looked after by Noah's Ark volunteers and workers.  A volunteer in charge of the horses provided insightful tips and information about caring for them, including what the horses liked and disliked. We even had the rare opportunity of feeding them with carrot sticks! 

After horsing around (no pun intended!) we were led to two large kennels and catteries as well.The volunteers at the catteries got busy with cleaning and grooming the cats, most scuttling away when our volunteers approached with cotton buds and cleaning solution, but did not shy away when food was placed for them. Other volunteers spent time at the open areas mingling with the dogs grooming, cleaning ears, and even made attempts to bathe some.

Soon it was time to say goodbye, but we hope to return soon. We hope our volunteers had a fruitful day trip and enjoyed the experience of mingling with the wonderful animals at Noah's Ark.

Heartfelt thanks to Raymund and the volunteers for a great day, they were gracious hosts indeed. 

Submitted by SPCA Singapore

Monday, October 13, 2014

My Reflection by Siang Li Ting

It was a lovely cloudy morning as we headed into Noah's Ark. I was especially looking forward to this trip again as it has been 3 months since I last visited the sanctuary.

The last 3 months has passed by in a blur as my own 16 year old dog was battling canine cognitive dysfunction for quite a while, and it has gotten worse after his 2 major operations last year for cancer, and I had to juggle work commitments together with caring for him, which has proven to be an uphill task. I had to make the tough call of putting him to sleep last month as he was not getting any better and I wanted him to go in peace and without pain before his condition worsened.

After I took some time to heal and gotten over much of the grief, I knew JJ wanted me to continue to spread the love that I had to other animals. And with much expectancy I went to Noah's Ark, knowing full well my soul will be very much recharged again and I can spread my love to the many animals there.

Having volunteered with the horses in March this year during a Volunteer's Open House, the horses have left a deep imprint (or hoof print, if you may!) in my heart. Interacting with them gave me a sense of peace and deep calm, and grooming them gave me a chance to be up close and personal with these majestic creatures.

I loved horses since I was a child, but due to a lack of finances, was unable to take regular riding lessons to continue being with horses as much as I would like to. Noah's Ark's amazing work with rescuing these retired racehorses and riding school horses have allowed people like me who love horses to come and work with them in a way quite unlike any other stable.

Horses get to roam free with the dogs.

Because in Noah's Ark, there's one thing that is starkly lacking with many stables elsewhere, and that is freedom – something horses need and crave for. Without the pressure and stress of having to make top spot in a race, or having to take rider after rider on their backs at a riding school with, the horses returned to their most natural self. Watching them get turned out to graze and roll over their backs in the sand to relieve an itch was amazing and soul-fulfilling. They were happy, and it showed.

Giving Cinzano a bath. 

And it's not just the horses, every animal that walked through the doors of Noah's Ark has been given a second chance in life. They know and cherish it. Dogs run free through green fields, cats receive tender loving care in their catteries, and even the monkeys got an upgrade to their enclosures recently! It was truly amazing knowing there are dedicated volunteers who dedicate their time, money and efforts into making sure the animals do not experience the same and often traumatic past they had.

This time round I connected more so with another horse named Chun Doong, also a retired ex racehorse, his name means Thunder in Korean. But what may have once been a name given by his ex owners to ensure a top spot in a race has given way to a sweet soul that stood by with his eyes closed in contentment for a long while as I stroked and scratched his chin. There and then I realized we have so much to learn from them-for enjoying a pleasurable given moment you have now in the present, despite your past.

When evening neared, we were given a chance to ride some of the horses leisurely. I jumped at the opportunity to pick up where I left off many months ago, and was much appreciative to the big boy Cinzano, a beautiful 16 hands high horse who allowed the very inexperienced me to be on his back. I have much to learn! But I am so ever grateful to my beautiful four-legged teachers for being gracious with me.

The skies soon darkened quickly and it was time to pack up and leave. Fun times always pass by in a whizz. We left for a sumptious dinner of crabs with great company, and everyone left feeling satisfied in body, soul and spirit.

Noah's Ark is and will continue to be a legacy, where God's creations can freely roam and are all given a second chance. I urge all who have never visited the Ark to drop by sometime. A word of caution though.. you may find yourself wanting to come back again and again, just like many of us!

Friday, October 3, 2014

A small kind act that went a long way

Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) Animal Birth Control (ABC) clinic attends to many animal cases everyday. These cases range from sterilisation of cats and dogs, animal rescue cases and animals that need to be operated on due a multitude of reasons such as abandonment, abuse or accident.

It was a busy afternoon for the clinic when a black and white spotted street puppy was brought in by a kind-hearted school boy from Malaysia. This case was referred to the ABC clinic by another veterinary clinic because they knew that this boy will not be able to afford the vet fee for the puppy. Coming from a student, his kind act has shown that he has a good heart for the puppy and is sincere in helping the puppy in whatever means necessary.

Leeloy, the 1 year old puppy had a fractured mandibular (lower jaw) which was probably sustained through an automobile accident. His jaw was quickly wired together to fix the fracture so that he will be relieve on his pain and be able to eat normally again. The student also gave the clinic RM$10 as a token for their help rendered to the puppy and has indicated that he might keep the puppy if the parents allowed. Giving RM$10 from a student shows a lot about the young student who has the compassion and gratefulness in his heart to help the puppy.

The clinic has always been open to rescue and medical cases and reviews cases where people want to help the animal but are unable to do so. These cases are referred to Raymund Wee, founder of NANAS and he reviews them on a case by case basis to access the situation first. He said, “It is alright if people genuinely cannot afford the veterinary fees but want to help the animals.” Adding on he said, “My only criteria for such cases are that firstly, the owner has to show me a good attitude in helping these animals and secondly is my part where I help these animals in one way or another.”

Leeloy enjoying a nice meal.

This act of kindness shows that anyone can choose to help animals that need help and the clinic will help these animals on a referral basis. Leeloy has called the sanctuary his home and is now no longer a puppy but has grown to be a happy and satisfied dog that enjoys his freedom and food everyday.

Written By: Darren Chan 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

News from Noah's Ark - October 2014

Dear Friends of Noah's Ark

In June 2000, Noah's Ark moved from Singapore to Malaysia due to the expiration of its land lease. The sanctuary has existed without a constant supply ofelectricity since it moved 14 years agoTo compensate for the lack of electrical power, the sanctuary has relied on a diesel- powered generator to provide the electricity to run the necessary equipment and facilities needed for the sanctuary. All other deemed unnecessary usage (like TVs, fridges, fans) are not provided for. This is to ensure that there is never any disruption to the livelihood of the animals in the sanctuary.

For 14 years, the sanctuary relied on a diesel-powered generator to provide electricity.
Most if not all the generated electricity is utilized for the clinic to perform necessary and vital surgery and for recuperation. Due to the high cost of diesel, we have always had to be mindful that we only run the clinic from 4.30 p.m. to 11 p.m.  After 11 p.m. there is no electricity supply.

One of our recent  and very promising programmes run at the sanctuary is Vet Help@ Noah's Ark. This on-going programme has attracted many veterinarian students and volunteers to practice shelter medicine and to hone their skills so that theycan be become better skilled veterinarians or technicians. The benefits to both the participants and the residents of the sanctuary are clear to see. Unfortunately without a constant supply of electricity, we are therefore only able to run the program in the late afternoon. We would love to be able see the clinic at the sanctuary to function at full capacity to handle the influx of veterinarians, both from overseas and Singapore so that the animal residents would be able to get even better veterinary care.

With this in mind, we have checked with the respective authorities and can now confirm that it will cost S$15,000 to bring in the cable for the electricity to Noah's Ark . To date, we have raised a total of S$7,000 for the project.  We are still facing a shortfall of S$8,000 to bring the electrical power. We therefore would like to appeal to our supporters if they would consider helping this project succeed.

Quarantine bay for dogs.
Apart from the need to have a constant supply of electricity, we recognize that we have done minimal maintenance of our sanctuary since its move 14 years ago. Practically all funds raised have always been channeled to feed the animals, sterilization projects and only for the most pressing repairs. 

Yet it is obvious that with the many changes in resident animal population and the sheer number of animals, we are in dire need of some major repairs. We are therefore also launching "Buy a Brick" initiative to encourage sponsors and supporters to help defray the cost of these urgent and long overdue repairs.  

If you would like to support either our "Electricity Project" or "Buy a Brick" initiative, please do consider issuing a cheque to Noah's Ark CARES and mail to 42 Cairnhill Road #02-01 Singapore 229661 or make a fund transfer to support us.  To support our work at the sanctuary, you may write to us at Noah's Ark.

Your kind generosity and support will go a long way to make the sanctuary a better place for the animals that now call it home.

Thank you.

Ms. Chew Gek Hiang
Noah's Ark CARES
Happenings at Noah's Ark

Project Industrial Dogs - 
Bailing of 6 dogs from AVA

The volunteers of Noah's Ark have been attending to several rescue cases in Singapore. In August, we bailed 6 dogs from AVA that were caught by dog catchers. We were extremely upset that these catchers had caught the already sterilized and friendly dogs. They had been called in to address vicious dogs issues and instead of which they decided to catch the friendly ones. So the main issue was not dealt with so the objectives by AVA were not achieved. 

In one particular upsetting case,  one of the friendly dogs actually greeted the dog catcher and allowed him to pick it up not realizing that it was sealing its own doom!

The volunteers at Noah's Ark CARES have spent many years sterilizing the dogs living off the streets. We are aware that it is not possible to rehome every dog we encounter but we realize that the only humane way to reduce the number of dogs surviving in such a manner is to do active sterilization. By sterilising just one female dog - we are able to prevent an estimated 50 dogs from being born for the next 5 years.

We have managed to rehome 2 dogs and we have another 4 loving and friendly dogs that would love to be part of a family. So if you believe that you can give any of our dogs a home, we would only be too happy to hear from you. The email to write to is

Come and meet the dogs this weekend at the National Geographic Channel Free Pet Shop at Big Splash, East Coast.
Dog with Tumour
Carmen needs your help

Volunteers have been feeding Carmen for years and one day they noticed an abnormal growth starting to appear near her right hind leg.  The volunteers got worried and tried all ways and means to catch her for medical treatment.

On 28 September, after 3.5 hours of tussling with her, they finally caught her and brought her to the vet. To contribute towards Carmen's medical aid, please email to Noah's Ark.  
For updates on Carmen's progress, please click here.
VetHelp@Noah's Ark
VetHelp@Noah's Ark

Volunteer vets from Singapore and overseas having been contributing their services to help with clinical work at Noah's Ark. To read their story, please click here. 

Camping at Noah's Ark  

In June, students from SOTA stayed at Noah's Ark for three days and two nights. During this short camping trip, all of them gained valuable experience to care for animals with the added bonus of learning some basic housekeeping skills. To read their story, please click here.

National Geographic Channel Free Pet Shop
Come and visit our available dogs for adoption at the Noah's Ark booth this weekend.


Dates: Saturday, 4 Oct and Sunday, 5 Oct.

Time: 12 noon to 6 p.m.
Venue:  Big Splash @ East Coast

To view our dogs for adoption, please click here.

Noah's Ark Tour: Saturday, 25 October

If you have missed the tour in August - we are happy to inform you that the next tour will take place on Saturday, 25 October.  Sadly,this will be the last tour for 2014 before the monsoon season starts.

To make sure that you don't miss it, do register your place for the tour as soon as possible. Please send your details to Noah's Ark. 

For more information, please click here.


Noah's Ark Fund Raising Dinner with Rosina, Animal Communicator & Your Fur Kids on Friday, 31 October

Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking about? 
Curious to know what its favourite food is?  
Favourite toy? 
Or why he is so fussy during meals? 

We can provide you with the answers. Rosina, our acclaimed animal communicator will be in town to share its inner secrets with you.  So make a date with her on Friday,31 October evening. 

For details of the dinner with Rosina, please click here.  Proceeds from the dinner will go towards the upkeep of the animals at the sanctuary. 

In addition to hosting dinner, Rosina will be conducting an Animal Communication workshop on Saturday, 1 November & Sunday, 2 November.  We will also be arranging a visit to the sanctuary with Rosina on Tuesday, 4 November.

To find out more about her workshops and visit to Noah's Ark, please click here or contact Lynda at email.
Pepi, Noah's Ark resident

To contribute and support our work for the animals

If you wish to:
  • To sponsor a pet programme
  • To sponsor some of our pet food
  • To sponsor medical aid for the animals
  • To support our spay and neuter programmes
  • To upkeep the sanctuary for the the residents - Buy a Brick
  • To make a contribution
You may write a cheque to Noah's Ark CARES and mail it to:
42 Cairnhill Road, #02-01 Singapore 229661

To make a fund transfer, you may transfer it to the following accounts.  
Upon transferring please send us and email in order for us to track and to acknowledge receipt. 

Bank: DBS
Account type: DBS Current
Account No: 012-900823-0
Account Name: Noah's Ark CARES
Branch Code: 012
Bank Code: 7171
Account No: 501-827745-001
Account Name: Noah's Ark Companion Animal Rescue & Education Society
Branch: OCBC Head Office
Branch Code: 501
Bank Code: 7339
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