Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Noah's Ark Rescue - Larkin Kittens

Dear All,

Last Saturday while at Noah's Ark, we received a call to go to a bus station in Lakin (JB) to rescue some kittens.

In all there were 13 of them rescued!

They were no more than 4 weeks old and were in terrible condition. Most were emaciated and eyes so badly infected that some could hardly open their eyes.

Uncle Raymund acted on a tip off and rescued all thirteen kitties. He brought them back to our clinic at Noah's Ark, where the kittens were cleaned, medicated and fed kitty milk formula from a syringe.

Volunteers and workers helped out. Had Uncle Raymund not saved them, these kittens would have eventually died from starvation and cat flu/viral infection.

It has been a few days since and I hear they are recovering and getting stronger by the day. I look forward to seeing them on my next visit to Noah's Ark.

Meanwhile, we will keep you posted with photo updates in the following weeks.

BTW, in the Straits Times Forum today, there's a post on
penalising members of the public who feeds stray cats and even a suggestion of sending cats to Peru as food to be eaten by a radio deejay.

We hope this group of people belongs to the minority.

Noah's Ark strongly advocates a humane way of reducing unwanted stray dogs and cats through TNR and we need the support of those compassionate and like minded people like you.

Please support our fund raising events actively!!

Paws and Licks,

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