Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When Your Pet Outlives You

Noah’s Ark Pets Retirement Sanctuary- protects animals companions after you die or become disable. Owners pay us what they can afford. We are willing to work with the disable and elderly in order to save their pets(companion). Nanas accepts dogs, cats, horses, birds and other companion animals if owners have an emergency situation or becomes incapacitated.
People who can’t afford to contribute could apply for admittance. Anyone above 50 can enroll in the program “Home for Life”. We kept encountering animals belonging to elderly people or people with AIDS and terminal illness. Once the owner dies, no family member will want to keep their companion animals.
In view of our aging society, our seniors seem to have become more and more isolated. They’re so much more attached to their pets today. These animals mean literally everything to them and they just worry so much about what will happen to their pets. We are only trying to get people, especially the elderly to plan a head so that their pets will have a safe place to go. Today, many of our pets have the job of being a Companion.

For enquiries call our Helpline +6019-7159199

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