Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Friday, March 25, 2011

Life as a Stray

Our life is harsh - did you know,
And it is a story that MUST be told,
I am a stray puppy living on a construction site,
One of the many hiding in plain sight.

Our mummy could not produce any milk,
So our tummies were never fully filled.
Every few days we get to have a bite,
When caring stray feeders make an effort to feed us late at night.

We drink water when rainwater collects in deep puddles,
Contaminated water that is full of disgusting germs.
Occasionally we have our lucky day,
When clean containers of fresh water are sent our way.

Amidst the dust, rocks and stones,
Buried in the earth are some doggy bones.
Some of my family members have already gone to heaven,
The result of many large industrial vehicle acciddents.

These are dangerous conditions that we live in,
Everyone claims we are too small to be seen,
Sometimes people drive right on by and do not care,
Ignorant and unknowing about our welfare.

I didn't ask to be born into this world,
It seems too unfriendly and cruel,
My future ahead seems too bleak,
Where is the warm loving home that i desperately seek???

*** You and i can help change the life of strays by educating all pet owners on neutering ***

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