Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Visiting Vet Students at Noah's Ark

Since November '14 till January '15 - we had several vet students that were back in Singapore for the holidays and they took the opportunity to volunteer at Noah's Ark ABC Clinic in Johor as part of their attachment.

At Noah's Ark ABC Clinic, the vet students gained hands on experience working with street animals and attending to our sanctuary residents.

Our sanctuary residents had a great time with our vet friends and we would like to thank them for helping to keep our streets stray free for sterilising the street dogs and cats.

We hope the vet students had gain a valuable experience and knowledge during their stay and we would like to wish them all the best in their  future endeavours

Nally from The University of Glasgow.

Nally a final year veterinary student from The University of Glasgow did her clinical placements at Noah's Ark ABC from the 24 November to 6 December '14. 

A place for aspiring vet to pick up their surgical skills. 

Dr Irving Kay graduated from University of Queensland.

Dr Irving Kay fresh grad from the University of Queensland, Australia did his internship at Noah's Ark ABC (Animal Birth Control) Clinic to familiarise himself with the procedure and to understand shelter medicine and TNR programme. It was a rewarding experience for him before he embarks on a veterinary journey with The Republic Clinic in Singapore.

Left: Pei Xiang, a year three veterinary student and Esther a final year veterinary student from the University of Glasgow did their clinical placement at Noah's Ark ABC clinic for two weeks.

Left: Dillon Devathasan and Kenneth Yen final year veterinary students from University of Adelaide.

Kenneth and Dillon attending to Prisma. 

Seniors from Singapore veterinary clinics were at Noah's Ark ABC clinic on 12 January to guide and share their surgical skills with veterinary students. 

A group of rabbits were castrated by Dr Wan Lin and Dr Nicole with Dr Kesia keeping a close watch on Dillon.

From left: Raymund, Kesia, Wan Lin, Nicole, Dillon and  Kenneth.
After a hard day's work, the vets were rewarded with a sumptuous dinner at The Garden Restaurant in Gelang Patah and a farewell dinner for Dr Nicole Sia who will be starting a new journey in New Zealand soon.

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