Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The hurt in me by Topaz

One morning, my ex owner brought me to the vet because of the open wounds on my body and I was loosing weight.

The vet suggested that I should be hospitalised for observation and the nurse told my ex owner that a deposit should be placed. My ex owner said that he was rushing off to work and he will get his wife to come down to place a deposit.

Guess what? Both of them never showed up and left me at the vet. Typical irresponsible heartless owners.

I started becoming destructive, throwing my tantrums and banging against the cage - can you feel the anger in me?

The vet could not take the noise and my behaviour that he called Uncle Raymund if Noah's Ark could take me in?

After some thoughts - Uncle Raymund arranged for a volunteer to discharge me from the clinic and brought me to Noah's Ark.

Uncle Raymund examined me, and found me to be in a poor state of health. One of my eye is going blind, I had a huge open wound near my tail and out off frustration sometimes I would bite my wound to make it worst.

During the day, I am well behaved, I am co operative with the workers when I had to take my medication and have my wounds cleaned.

But in the middle of the night, I drove Uncle Raymund nuts. Out off frustration, I will destroy my metal bowls and bark through the night. By the way - I have destroyed several mental bowls already for a dog of my size - now they serve my food and water in a heavy porcelain bowl - there is no way that I could carry it around nor destroy it.

I hated my life with my ex owner - life was meaningless, I was locked up day and night. All I want now is to be able to have freedom and I want to walk on the grass.

Message from the caregiver:
Topaz is currently receiving medical treatment for his wounds which will take time to heal and we need to boost his immune system up. He is doing well and putting on weight which is a good sign.

Topaz had so much anger in him - can we blame him? No. It is not his fault - the fault is on the human being. Is this the way to treat Man's Best Friend?

Thank goodness for a dog with a temper - he had never once showed us any aggression and he has been very nice towards us.

Topaz is not a young dog - he is estimated to be about 8 years old.

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