Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I almost lost my eye sight

Hi! My name is Wan Wan and I am 6 mths old.

Since I am the youngest, I was given a job to manage the Facebook :) this is so exciting and so cool to be on Facebook.

Please visit Noah's Ark Facebook  and "LIKE" me. 
Let me share my story with you.

When I was two months old, a kind soul found me on the streets and brought me to a horse riding school in JB to stay - I had a great time with my Kor Kor Ah Boy and Jie Jie Ah Gal - sometimes I get bullied by them because I am just a puppy and there were 7 big horses.

Two months ago, it was a Saturday morning, I was not feeling well and Aunty Lynda noticed that I was motionless and my eyes started to turn cloudy - she was worried that I will turn blind and she immediately told my caregiver that she rushed me to the clinic at Noah's Ark.

Uncle Raymund - tested me for parvo and tick fever, and it was negative. He kept me in the clinic for observation and under his care for two weeks, he made sure that I didn't die.

For two weeks, everyone was worried for me whether I will make it because I was so weak and I didn’t have the energy to move. Uncle Raymund's main worry was parvovirus - thank goodness two months have passed and I have a clean bill of health.
Soon it was time for me to return to the riding school - but I made so many friends at Noah's Ark - Ma Ma Jo treated me like her puppy and the older dogs never bully me - they played and took care of me

Last week, I tried my luck and ask Jie Jie Natalie whether I could stay at Noah's Ark because my best friend is a white dog and I like her very much and I don't want to leave her.

Jie Jie Natalie helped me to tell Uncle Raymund my wish and he allowed me to stay at Noah's Ark.

Thank you uncle Raymund for letting me stay - I promise I will be a good girl and I am so blessed to be alive today.

It is because of you for taking care of me, Aunty Lynda for noticing me and Uncle
Clement for driving me to the clinic.

Thank you for giving me a 3rd chance to be alive.

Wan Wan

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