Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Saturday, August 10, 2013

How Wang Wang escaped death

Wang Wang, may even be described as the biggest ‘survivor’ of them all. For a long time, he suffered, tied to a tree where he was beaten by the rain and scorched by the sun. Wang-Wang also had severe injuries on his back – the result of a scalding three months earlier, as well as a deep cut caused by the metal chain tied tightly around its neck. These painful wounds were never attended to. Although his ex-owner was pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three days in jail and a fine of RM 200, she could well have been jailed for six months for this extreme cruelty.

Wang Wang was sent to the SPCA Selangor, afraid and confused, he bit a volunteer who’d unwittingly walked into his kennel. He probably mistook the volunteer for someone who would ill-treat him again. The biting incident would have sealed his fate if not for the compassion of his kennel supervisor who called Raymund and asked if he could be re-housed at Noah's Ark.

Wang Wang has been living at Noah's Ark since 2006, running freely and cheerfully with his pals.

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