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Noah's Residents

Sunday, October 27, 2013

What do I know about "Golden Retrievers" ?

The Golden Retriever is one canine breed that many people identify with. Beautiful fur, strong posture, the kindness of a pure heart, focused only on loving the master whom he/she will come to grow with and protect. Many of us want this beautiful companion and I am one of the many who yearned for this beautiful creation of nature.

However, I flawed as many people will come to flaw. Why? Cos we all have the perception of having the ideal companion and many, many of us forget that "with love, comes responsibility".

Simba and Whisky watching our worker preparing food. "Yummy".

I had the privilege of having 2 Golden Retrievers as my companions and I brought them home the day they were 3 months old. Chubby and cute... they were simply adorable. I fed them and spent some time once every few days to play with them. The first few years were easy going or was it as easy going as I thought it was.

I fell into difficult times and it was then that I failed to be the master who was to take care of them. Yes, I fed them and I showered them and when they needed medical attention, I brought them to the vet. Read my words and to many, they will say I have done my part. In actuality, I have truly failed because ask yourself this, "How would I want my life companion to do for me as I would do for them?"

I am sure many would find such a question silly and ridiculous with the notion of a man talking about commitment to a dog?! My answer to everyone out there is this notion is very real.

Mohammad Gandhi made a statement saying, "How far has man progressed can be witnessed by the way he treats an animal." Your pet is a companion for life, not just a temporary past time.

I failed my companions and when my companions fell sick due to age such as skin problems, having tick fever, etc...I came to understand that my dogs are creatures of flesh, blood and emotions but what have I treated them as...? Have I been fair to them? I always tell people that I own these dogs but in what fashion can I be called a master? If I reflect on Gandhi's statement, the question is what progression have I witness in myself as man, with education and a mind to think!

In my time of difficulty, I was fortunate to find a place where they can call home and 2 people made 2 statements that made me reflect upon myself...

"... there is a lot of sadness in their eyes."

"... you owe them."
You know what? These statements are very true...

Whisky looking gorgeous each day after receiving TLC (tender loving care)
from Uncle Raymund and the caregivers.

In their new home, even though I see them only once in a while, they have grown to be so much healthier and the joy they display is something that puts me to shame; nevertheless, I am happy for them. Today both are close to 10 years of age.

I share the story here with people who may choose to read this because I wish to let you know that Goldens are not ornaments or trophies; they are creatures of passion and companionship... crossing our paths to bring us joy and teaching us a lesson on humanity.

I challenge you to think what our humanity is worth? Is it just the cost of purchasing a pet that we deemed them to be or is it valued on how much we learn from them as our life companions?
Since Simba arrived at the sanctuary, he has gained some weight and looking good.

I am well aware that many, many of us want a Golden Retriever as a companion but before you jump into this relationship -  ask yourself whether you are willing to commit your life with this companion for the next decade.

I assure you that they are wonderful and beautiful companions but how far they progress as a companion will also depend how much education you impart with them. As their master, will you handle your responsibility to the fullest? It is not about feeding them and bathing them only; it is about how much quality time you spend with them.  At each phase of their lives, are you willing to find out more about what they need?

This companionship is one of time and mutual understanding and this will last 12 to 15 years. Are you willing to commit to this, through thick and thin?

Answer yourself truthfully about this before you embark on a wonderful journey with a Golden.

If you can, you will have a journey that will bring you wonderful memories. If you cannot, then I suggest you do not begin the journey and you will have nothing to lose.

Written by David


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