Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Thursday, October 3, 2013

From fences to freedom

A story about Samantha - comrade, friend and family  by Darren Chan

To begin, I lead a very sad and lonely life, being surrounded by high fences and not knowing when my next meal would come.
A complained was made when Samantha was found wondering at an army camp site.
One morning, she was caught and brought to the  SPCA, lucky she could be located
through friends at the army camp.  You can see that she had no life and no hope on her future.
Thanks  to a kind soul for going all the odds to save her.
All I ever wanted was to be cared and loved but all these change when I was brought to be put down. I could smell death and it made me think of my five puppies that did not make it. Afraid and apprehensive, my injuries that I sustained while protecting my children made it worse. I was alone, scared and depressed for the freedom I sought was going to be taken away from me!
Samantha leaving SPCA and she was on the way to the vet for a medical check-up.
Samantha was very comfortable sitting in the car.
At such a critical moment, a kind soul managed to rescue and nurse me back to health. It was not easy for him but I was delighted to see him as he was familiar and close to me. I am forever grateful for having him as a friend and for those that made that decision to save me too.
In Singapore, he would also visit and see me at the pet hotel almost every weekend to comfort and play with me while I cope with recovering, one limp at a time.
Samantha had no problems integrating with the pack.
Its all about respecting each other.
Now I am at Noah’s Ark where Uncle Raymund is providing nursing care to me.  I like the place as there are all kinds of animals from dogs, cats ,horses, monkeys and rabbits, each have their own adventure to tell.

See my happy smile? I am finally free and save, knowing that I have a place to call home.

I promise to be a good dog and I am looking forward to make new friends at the ark!

Photo credits: Lawrence Soo and Lynda


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