Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Be a volunteer and spend the day with the animals at the Ark on 8 March '14

For all those who had thought of volunteering at Noah’s Ark Sanctuary but are unable to drive to JB – this is our first ever 'Volunteers Day'! We will be organizing this at Noah’s Ark Sanctuary on Saturday, 8 March.

What many people do not realize that the animals at the Sanctuary want most from us (after food and shelter) is to be touched and played with. This is our time to bond with them. 

On this special day, these volunteers will get a chance to work with dogs, cats or horses whichever animal catches your fancy. Part of this bonding time would require you to groom the animals and spend time socializing with them. 

All this will be briefed and discussed further at the sanctuary with a short orientation tour prior to the session. Our regular volunteers will be present so that they will be able to help or assist you if required,.

9.00 a.m.     Depart S'pore from Marymount MRT station for Noah’s Ark
10.30 a.m.   Arrive at Noah’s Ark followed by orientation tour
11.00 a.m.   The fun part begins
12.30 p.m.   Lunch at the Ark (lunch is provided)
2.00  p.m.    Second half of fun continues
5.00 p.m.     Get ready to go home
5.30 p.m.     Depart Noah’s Ark for home

Fees:  S$50 covers transport, lunch and tea

Closing date for registration: Friday, 28 February '14 

Seats are limited to 10 paxs per session.

To register, please email to as well as indicate the following details:


Q1.  Areas of interest, would prefer to work with 
        (a) Dogs 
        (b) Cats 
        (c) Horses
        (d) Gardening

Q2.  Have you visited Noah’s Ark before? Yes / No
         If yes – which animal do you know at Noah’s Ark?

Q3.  Do you own a pet/pets? Yes / No
         If yes - what do you own?

Q4.  Please let us know if you have dietary needs.

Priority will be given to volunteers who have visited Noah’s Ark before and are used to working with animals.

Volunteers socialising with the dogs under the durian tree, 

More human touch which is what the dogs need.

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