Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Betrayed by humans

From left: Jasper and Amber's condition when they just arrived at the sanctuary.

They are a popular choice for dogs but these two German Shepherds, Jasper and Amber were not so lucky.

Jasper and Amber were given up by their owners because their owners refused to spend the money to treat both the dogs’ skin problems and Jasper had a huge open wound which was infested with maggots.  To avoid the hassle of caring for their pets, the owner brought their dogs to the vet to be put down which is an easy option.

Amber was timid and scare of people.
She had over grown nails and wounds on her paws.

Both the dogs are young, we estimate that they are about 3 years old and the vet could not bear to euthanize the dogs and he called Raymund if the sanctuary could care for them.

Raymund – could never bear to see young dogs’ life being terminated that he kindly opened his heart and welcome them to stay at Noah's Ark.

When the dogs arrived, there was sadness in their eyes – because they weren’t sure what their future was.  First they were brought to the vet to be euthanized and the next hour, they were brought to the sanctuary.  The dogs smelled of pee and obviously, the owner did not bath the dogs for ages.

With care and TLC - they have recovered tremendously and
they are now running freely at the sanctuary.

With proper bathing and medication, it took us about 3 months for the dogs to recover from their skin problems and today both Jasper and Amber are running freely at the sanctuary. 


Jasper loves to play catch in the evening with the dogs – it is a wonderful feeling to see them so happy and carefree.


Amber is more reserved, she likes to lay at her cosy corner and watch the world goes by.  She is very grateful to Noah's Ark for giving her a second chance.

If you can’t give the commitment to care for a pet for life, 
do not keep one.  
You are causing misery and heart ache for the dogs.
Dogs have feelings and emotions like you and me, 
they are our companion animals,
they will always be loyal to you.
A dog will never betray its Master, 
it will protect its Master from danger.
A dog will always be there to comfort you in both good and bad times.
They are a part of our lives,
they are Man’s Best Friend.

Both Jasper and Amber are available for Noah’s Ark Animal Sponsorship programme, its costs S$50/RM$100 a month to sponsor their stay at the Ark.

Contributed by Darren and Lynda 

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