Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Volunteers feeling connected with our furry friends

8 March, it was Noah's Ark Volunteer Day at the sanctuary in Johor. 

Nineteen participants took part and they volunteered to groom, play and had fun with the cats, dogs and horses.

It was an eye opening experience for some participants who were not pet owners, their willingness to learn to bath the dogs.  We have to salute these brave souls for their courage to work with the dogs at the sanctuary.

The cats had the privileged of having play time after being groomed by the team of cat volunteers.

The volunteers who helped at the horse stables - did not get enough of their doze of horse therapy.  They are looking forward for their next visit for more horsey time.

Many went home feeling connected with our furry friends.

We would like to thank our friends for making time and for being with the animals.

Please stay tune on Noah's Ark CARES facebook for the next Noah's Ark Volunteer Day.

Meanwhile, lets go behind the scene and check out what happened at Noah's Ark.

On behalf of the doggies at the sanctuary, thank you for the lovely gifts.

At the catteries...

Weisheng and Lynette helping to groom the cats at the Wisma.

One of our cat checking out Lynette's bag as part of the security check.

Audrey giving the cat a good groom.

Amrys helping out with the cats at the open air cattery. 

Siew Luan with the cats at one of our first cattery which was built in 2000.

At Fortune Lodge...

George spending time with Rico

Vivian helping to bath the dogs at Fortune Lodge.

At the Stables...

Le Ying giving Primus @ Sanuk a good scrub.

Final rinse down for Primus @ Sanuk.

Halim explaining to the volunteers about caring the horse's hoof.

At the Animal Birth Control (ABC) Clinic...

Lui Ping is a visitor from USA and she came with her friends
to help to clean the dogs' ears after their bath.

George and Jessica helping to dry the dogs.

Luke (left) is a visitor from USA - he came to help us too!
Joanne (in orange tee) helping to clean the dog's eyes while
Esther helped to hold the dog still.

Luke and Esther drying a poodle.

When asked about their experience at the sanctuary - this is what they have to say:
"It was my first experience with  horses and I enjoyed working and being with them very much.  I thank Noah's Ark very much for this experience!  I enjoyed meeting and interacting with many of the dogs as well. (I have always loved dogs!) And even had the opportunity to pat 2 cats and of course see the gibbon.  So a very wholesome and amazing day.  And the Noah's Ark building  itself is very homely and at 'peace'with the environment. Great work and thanks for giving all these lovely animals a sanctuary.  God continue to bless your work!"- Michelle 
"The day was awesome! Can't wait to visit again as a volunteer to help look after the horses." - Le Ying
"Thank you for the eye opening and deeply moving experience. I found a great sense of joy, peace and calm working with the horses. Thank you for the opportunity to interact with cats and dogs who lit up my heart and soul.  I can't stop beaming."- Nadia
"Today's session is great exposure, especially for new comers. Would love to be more involved to our capabilities."- George & Jessica 
"Enriching experience.  Feel good to interact with many calm dogs."

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