Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Letter from Eva

Hi! I am Eva.
This photo was taken recently when
I was on vacation with mummy
and daddy in Penang.

I had a home before (well kind of) in Johor. There were many dogs in the house, all of them were in pairs – toy dogs and big dogs like Rottweilers, in a terrace house.  My ex-owner wanted to breed me but I did not have a partner. I was constantly tied up at the porch.  I was very unhappy and uncomfortable with fungus and scabies on my body and ears.  My neck was red, sore and bald.

My ex-owner faced financial problems and decided to skip town. So a kind neighbour took pity on me and asked Uncle Raymund if he would take me in at Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary.  

When I arrived at Noah’s Ark, I was happy.  I was no longer tied up and could go as I pleased.  I was treated for my skin ailments and sterilised.  But having stayed at Noah’s Ark for almost a year, I began to feel lonely as I do not have enough human companionship (I am a Golden Retriever, after all).  And the big dogs frightened me (although I am big too).  I would keep to myself and not mingle with the other canines.  Uncle Raymund sensed that I was miserable and began looking for a home for me, one that matched my needs and my prospective family.

My new beginning with Mummy in Melaka.

Every weekend, Mummy and Daddy
will take me to new
places for my morning walk.
On 2 November 2011, I started my new life in Melaka. I love my new life.  I love my food, my strolls in the park, my toys, cool sleeping spots in the house, car rides, belly rubs… what more can I ask for.

Can you see the photos of Uncle Donald and Aunty Lily
with their dogs?

After my morning walk, its breakfast at our regular kopi tiam.

And most of all, I love my family.  Let me share with you why:

Photo: Food please.....
My "Muka Kesian" look for daddy.

Daddy -  He is “paw-some”.  I just have to give him the “Muka Kesian(a Malay word means pitiful look on my face”) and he will sneak food to me.  I even get to share his “Musang King /Mau Sang Wang” durian. Daddy will allow me to poke my head into the refrigerator and sniff the food.  He also buys me treats like kangaroo knee caps, kangaroo ears and bull jewels.  Daddy is so easy to manipulate.  Because of Daddy, my waistline is expanding. I am what you would describe as “pleasantly plump”.

Tinkerbell my Tai Kah Jie.

Tinkerbell - She is the “Tai Kah Jie” (The Big Sister).  The No.1 Cat in the family.  Her nickname is “Princess Aloof”. She never comes when called.  She walks all over the dining table and sleeps on the bed (and I am not allowed to.  It’s not fair!!).  She is utterly spoilt as she likes to be hand fed.  She takes a long time to finish her food and sometimes, she wastes food. (I never do that. I finish all my food in record time). Her greatest redeeming quality is that she guards the house. She stays awake and patrols the house at night while I retire at 10.00 p.m.  Yes, I will admit it.  As a guard dog, I am as intimidating as a squirrel.

Bello my best friend.

Bello -  He is my best friend.  We play, sleep together and sniff each other’s butt. He is so unlike Tinkerbell that I think he must be a dog in a cat’s body.  He goes to the humans when called and sits next to them.  He does not waste food (he takes after me) and enjoys belly-rubs.  He follows me to bed.  He makes strange pleasant noises  like a motor engine all the time.  This fluffy fur ball is sweet, gentle and goofy. A little like me, actually.

Eva Cares's photo.
My recent vacation in Penang last month.
I am one lucky girl!
Mummy always look for dog friendly
hotels in Malaysia.

Looking at the view with Mummy.

I went for a SPA by the beach.

Taking a sip at the pool side.

Trying my luck to see if I can get
something from these nice ladies.

Mummy - She is the disciplinarian.  Her nick name is “She Who Must Be Obeyed”. Her favourite word is “NO!”.  NO going through the trash can, NO rolling in road kill and NO eating cat poo.  But Mummy does have her positive attributes – she kisses, hugs and gives me belly-rubs, lets me sleep in the room next to her at night (despite Daddy’s protests), walks me daily, takes me for car rides, brings me to dog-friendly kopi-tiam and restaurants and I get to go on holidays with her.  I have been to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Cameron Highlands and Alor Setar.  The hotels that we stayed in allow dogs!! 

That is me volunteering at WINGS, Melaka.
I am a good K9 citizen.

I feel that I am one lucky pooch. I am now giving back to the community by volunteering at WINGS, MELAKA, a centre for children and young adults with learning difficulties. I am very calm and laid back, so this job is suitable for me. I don’t have to do much really – I walk around a bit, let the kids touch, stroke and hug me. Sometimes a naughty child will tug at my tail or scream loudly but it is no big deal.  And at the end of the session, I get a small treat from Mummy.

I am very lucky that in Melaka, I get to dine with mummy
and daddy at restaurants.

Now, if only I could convince Mummy that I am starving…

By the way, I have a Facebook Page - be my friend at Eva Cares.

Catch up with you soon!


Written by Siah Li Mei (Eva’s Mummy)

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