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Noah's Residents

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A determined volunteer who made a difference in an animal’s fife

Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) has a team of dedicated volunteers in Singapore where they are known as an extended arm under Noah’s Ark Cares and in Malaysia as NANAS volunteers. 

Shalom Tye is one of our hardcore and hardworking volunteers has been named as a “Slave of Noah’s Ark” for his dedication in helping the street animals in Malaysia which has been referred to Noah's Ark Animal Birth Control (ABC) clinic.

Shalom did a street rescue and took time off his busy schedule to collect a young cat from a Malay lady in JB who took the cat in after a road accident. The grey and white cat whom is named Mass met with an accident in front of her warong (stall). 

As a stall owner, she could not afford to send Mass to the veterinary clinic for treatment due to the high incurred treatment costs and was referred to the Noah's Ark ABC clinic for medical help by Shalom.

The Noah's Ark ABC clinic found the cat to have slight scabies and lower body injuries which was sustained by the accident. The clinic performed an orthopedic examination and diagnostic imaging to confirm his injuries. Mass still has trouble walking due to the legs being injured which left them slightly wobbly and temporary paralysis.

Mass was given medication for his nerves which was slightly damaged and glucosamine as a supplement to boost his bone support and speed up the healing process. The kind Malay lady also donated RM$50 to show her appreciation in the help rendered to Mass. Being a street cat, Mass was sterilised at the clinic and is now recuperating in the sanctuary.

Raymund said, “For a volunteer to remain satisfied and committed to their work, they have to sense that their work means something and is recognised and appreciated.” The volunteers in Singapore and Malaysia have one cause in mind which is to help the animals that require help. The clinic also renders help through sterilisation such as spay days in Malaysia, animal rescue cases and animals that need medical help. Through the ABC clinic, Noah's Ark hopes to bring about a time when there are less homeless animals on the street and to avoid healthy animals from being euthanised. Through the volunteers, they are special individuals who have helped people and helped the animals.

by Darren Chan 

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