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Noah's Residents

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Adventures of Tilby

Have you read the “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”? This classic story book which was written by Mark Twain tells the adventures of Tom Sawyer who has a lot of wit and schemes to get out of trouble and to explore the world while he is at it. He also finds new friends who go along with him on his adventures such as running away to an island, finding buried treasure in a haunted house and cave exploration to solve a murder case.

At Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS), there is a female version of the much loved Tom Sawyer who is called Tilby, 9 years old cross Husky that likes to run away from the sanctuary. Twice she tried to run away, but the workers and some kind hearted people brought her back. She is different from the other dogs as she likes to howl, rather than bark.

According to the people that brought her back, Tilby loves car rides just like Tom Sawyer who loves to go on adventures and get himself in all sorts of trouble. In the story, Tom Sawyer says, “There comes a time in every rightly constructed boy’s life when he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure.”

According to a study on “Why dogs run away?”, reasons that are cited for dogs running away would be the need to explore their surroundings and to seek simulation. It is also important to teach dogs the proper technique of recall. This will train them to return to their safe area to prevent them from going missing. Other then training, it is crucial to give them love such as hugging and playing with them. They need our love to reassure them that they are part of our lives.

Currently, Tilby resides in the lodge with Uncle Raymund who takes care and watch over her. Tilby used to be a sociable dog but age has caught up and now she spends most of her time sleeping and greeting the occasional visitor or two that comes by the sanctuary.

Previously, Tilby used to bring visitors around the sanctuary as a guide but now she is very reserved. Perhaps, she has given the mantle to someone else to take over, like Canto-Pop and Oso. Nowadays, she spends a lot of time at the upper level of the lodge and is ready for retirement.

Tilby knows that she is very lucky to have the sanctuary where she can call home and hopes that more animals will not get abused or abandoned due to negligence or lack of responsibility. In the words of Tom Sawyer, she would say, “For knowledge is worth more anything there is in the world; it’s what makes great men and good men.” By learning more about animal welfare, she hopes that people will do the right and good things for all animals by loving and respecting them.

Though her days of adventure are much less now, if you happen to come by the sanctuary, do ask Raymund about her past adventures which he would be happy to share them with you. Tilby also has another request which is to bring lots of love when you visit and bring some for her too!

By Darren Chan 

Tilby's Profile:

Name:       Tilby
Age:          8 years 11 months (as at December 2014)
Birth date: 29 January 2006
Sex:          Female
Breed:       Cross Husky

Tilby was given up because her family could not cope to take care of her. One day, the mother who was the sole breadwinner was bedridden and her two teenage sons had to take turns to take care of their mother everyday after school.  A social worker who knew about their situation, contacted Noah's Ark for assistance. In January 2008, Tilby made her journey to Noah's Ark a place where she calls home.    

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