Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Noah's Ark community service

11 April 2015 - Mr Teh a lorry driver approached Noah's Ark for help to sterilize 20 of his street dogs because the mummy dogs were giving birth to frequently.  The solution to stop the breeding is to have the dogs sterilized.  

The volunteers consulted me and after a short interview with Mr Teh and a site visit Noah's Ark agreed to sterilize the dogs at no charges.  

In return?
Mr Teh was willing to pay in kind by supplying 5 lorry loads of soil to Noah's Ark to level up some low lying areas at the sanctuary.

By Raymund Wee 

Mr Teh carrying one of the puppies at a vacant building.

Mr Teh with his trusted friends.

Feeding them is not a problem.
What he does is to ask the restaurants n hawker stalls for leftovers.

The breeding will STOP when the dogs are sterilized.

An abandoned building where the dogs seek shelter from.

Clearing the fallen trees to save the puppies.

Independent volunteers from JB braving the storm to help Mr Teh to send the puppies 
and the bitches to  Noah's Ark Animal Birth Control Clinic for a medical check to stay 
at the sanctuary until they are old enough to be rehomed.

Payment in kind.  5 lorry loads of soil were supplied to the sanctuary
as a token for the sterilisation and vaccination for the dogs
that were done at no cost.

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