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Noah's Residents

Monday, August 3, 2015

Black Jack - The Black Beauty

Walk into the Cat Wisma and you might notice Black Jack, a senior cat who communicates with visitors with his excited “meows” and he is known to Raymund as the “Talking Cat”.

Black Jack is 16 years old and being a senior cat, he has only one tooth left but he is still happy to be able to enjoy the company of his other cat friends or indulge in his own personal time lazing around in the afternoon sun. Black Jack was adopted by Raymund from Hougang, close to where he grew up.

Raymund compares Black Jack to that of a typical Singaporean who is not satisfied with anything and complains all day as he always entertains visitors with his incessant comical meowing. However, Black Jack is considered a very lucky cat as not many pet owners like the colour black and this has contributed to them not being always able to find a permanent home.

The reality is that many people boycott owning animals that are black due to superstitious beliefs surrounding them. Shelter workers termed this phenomenon “Black Dog Syndrome” where black cats and dogs face an uphill task of finding potential adopters due to their colour. This has made shelters hold special adoption drives to entice people to adopt these animals.

According to an article, “It’s not fur! Meet the cats no one wants- just because they are black. Can you give any of them a home” by the Daily Mail Online UK last year highlights the plight of animals that are black in colour who have a hard time finding homes. At the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London, there is another problem that comes up which are that black cats are too plain as compared to the many other interesting colours available and that the colour black is too dull. In a bid to get people to change their mindset about the colour black, Cats Protection, a cat charity has launched the National Black Cat Day to raise awareness that these animals are as cute and charming as other varieties of pets.

Black cats and dogs are still being unfairly discriminated against but animal welfare organisations and shelters are doing their best to maintain pet equality among all animals so that everyone has a chance to find a home. Another aspect would be that potential adopters need to see pass the outlook of an animal and focus on the personality and chemistry of the animal which will help in relationship building between pet and owner.

If Black Jack could speak, he would probably want all animals to be given equal treatment and love so that every animal can get that opportunity in finding second chances and loving owners. To debunk the misconception of the colour of black that prevents an animal from getting adopted, here are some of the reasons why a black cat make good pets!

  1.  In Ancient Egypt, owning a black cat was thought to bring good luck.
  2.  Lots of famous cats have been black like those featured in popular television shows and movies such as The Simpsons and Looney Tunes.
  3. Black cats are elegant.
  4. Black cats are just like any other cats, they are loving and sweet.
  5. The colour black goes with everything as it is a contemporary colour.  

On your next visit to the sanctuary, do remember to visit the Cat Wisma and lookout for Black Jack and his friends who are the entire same unique and masculine colour. It is important to give all animals, no matter their breed or colour that equal chance to be loved and accepted which is their one and only greatest wish.

By Darren Chan 

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