Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Noah's Ark Food Donation Drive

Please help us to feed the sanctuary's 700 dogs and 300 cats at Noah's Ark!

How much is required to feed the animals?

Dog Dry Food
12 bags (216 kg) a day
360 bags (6,480 kg) a month
4,320 bags (77,760kg) 
a year

Dog Tin Food
30 cans a day
900 cans a month
10,800 a year

Cat Dry Food
3 bags (54 kg) a day
90 bags (1,620 kg) a month
1,080 bags
(19,440 kg) a year 

Cat Tin Food
20 cans a day
600 cans a month
7,200 cans a year

For every bag or tin food purchased with Pets Station, they will match every donation to Noah's Ark.

Dog Food
Wholesome Lamb & Brown Rice, 12kg @ S$90 per bag
Canine Gourmet Classic Pate, 100gm @ S$1.60 each

Cat Food
Pro Pac F9 Ultimate Deep Sea Select Whitefish & Pea, 6kg @ S$64.50 per bag
Feline Gourmet Classic, 400gm @ S$1.60 each

To support the Food Donation Drive, please click HERE to help to feed our animals.

Upon checking out, the system will ask "Custom Shipping"

Please select the following:

For delivery address, please state: 21 Marsiling Industrial Estate Road Singapore 739175.

Pets Station will arrange to send the goods to Noah's Ark.

On behalf of the animals, thank you so much for your support!

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