Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Saturday, October 29, 2016

When Your Pets Outlive You - Happy Ending

Remember Aunty Jennie travelled 3 over hours from Seremban to Noah's Ark Natural Animal Shelter to visit her dogs?
10 years ago at the age of 68 Aunty Jennie packed her belongings and moved to Malaysia with her 7 rescued dogs which she raised as puppies from the streets of Singapore.
When I asked her why did she move to Malaysia?
She said that they could not stay in the apartment because they were getting bigger and she feared that neighbours will complain.
However, things did not turn out as well as it would be when she moved to Malaysia. Neighbours started to complain that her dogs were noisy. In order for her dogs to be with her and NOT wanting to give up the dogs she had to debark the dogs.
Before you criticise her for debarking the dogs - please ask yourself if you were in her situation which option would you choose? Especially when one is so far away from home and all alone with no support from family and friends - she has no other choice.
(A) To rehome the dogs and not knowing how your dogs will be treated and the dogs will NOT have the same love given by you?
(B) To debark the dogs and to be with them for the rest of their life?
If I had to pick one, I will choose option (B) because I rather have my fur kids with me till their last breathe then to be away from them.
Ten years have passed and 4 dogs have passed on. Two months ago, Aunty Jennie had to downgrade from renting a house to renting a room, she approached Noah's Ark Natural Animal Shelter for help if we could take on her dogs.
After considering her appeal and her age, we accepted her three dogs and made Noah's Ark their forever home.
We were also concern for Aunty Jennie who is now 78 and living alone so that she can have a peace of mind that her dogs are taken care off.
As much as we would like to save every dog or cat on the streets, we can't take in and save all animals.
Noah's Ark Natural Animal Shelter's Mission is to help single seniors who are living alone and to help their pets in case anything happens to them. And our priority is to provide shelter for animals who have abused and with disabilities.

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