Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Will You Be My Valentine?

Shoba and Lordy, both were dumped
on the streets by their owners.

Do you know what it is like to be
neglected, abused or abandoned by the people who are supposed to be looking after you?

The animals at NANAS know this all too well. 

At Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter (NANAS), our mission is to give animals that have been abused, abandoned or made homeless a second chance in having proper food, water, shelter and medical attention when needed to happily live out the rest of their lives with dignity.

The sanctuary which is home to 700 dogs, 300 cats, 9 horses, 4 primates, a wild boar and other small animals is not funded by the government or any organisation.  We depend on the generosity of the public for our monthly operational costs.

These animals are asking for your help.  Many of them had been rescued but they need you to help sponsor their stay at the sanctuary.

Will You Be My Valentine?


Someone tied both my hind legs with rubber bands.  I can no longer use my legs but am happy that I am now safe and living with my friends at the cattery.  

Will you be my valentine?


I was rescued from the street in Malacca but now treated as a princess.  Still looking for my prince.  

Are you the one?


I was involved in an accident, lost one leg and looking forward to your support!


I am a special dog.  I live in the cattery with a whole bunch of cats and another dog called Jasmine.  

Do you fancy me?


My owner gave me up because I had skin problems.  I have a new purpose now.  They call me Nurse Juvi as I “work” in the clinic.  

I comfort the patients when they are afraid.  

Will you help me continue my work?


I was the sole survivor of a litter of puppies. My mummy was nowhere to be found and I was left to die on the street.  

Luckily, I was rescued but I really need your help to sponsor for my stay at this wonderful place.


My name is Sheena and I am a Great Dane.  I don’t know why my owners gave me up when I was only 9 months old.  Maybe I got too big?  

Which part of Great Dane did they not understand?


I came all the way from Singapore. My people there did not appreciate me and I was very badly treated.  

I have very special marking on my forehead, be my Valentine and I will show it to you.


I am a Jack Russell Terrier.  

My owner gave me up when she bought a much bigger dog to look after the house.  

What did I ever do to deserve this?  

Will you be my valentine?


I was rescued as puppy but I could not find my forever home.  Maybe it is because I am black.  

Please give this sweet girl someone to love.


My owner thought she bought a Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig but to her surprise I kept growing so she had to give me up when I reached a staggering 
300 kg.  

Can you help me with my food costs?


I was hit by a car and some people found me and brought me to the sanctuary.  

I was allowed to stay as I lost a limb.  

I will make a great valentine!

This is how you can be their valentine

1.     Pick the animal you wish to sponsor
2.     Print the form and fill in the relevant details including the name of the animal and indicate whether you wish to sponsor it for 3, 6 or 12 months
3.     Sign it, scan and email it back to us at
4.     Our volunteers will send you updates on your sponsored pet with photos and stories.
5.     For those who have picked the 12 month option, you will be entitled to the following:
   You can visit your valentine on special days reserved for sponsors
   You will also have your photo taken with your sponsored pet so we can reproduce it on a mug as a gift to you

It will not just help the animal you sponsor but also pay for monthly operational costs of running the sanctuary.  Food, medical costs and daily necessities form the bulk of the costs. 

Thank you for your generous contribution.

cut here   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thank you for your kind donation.

Your contribution will go towards food, medical expenses, maintenance of the kennels, and many other costs needed to upkeep Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter in Johor Bahru.

YES!  I would like to sponsor  ______________________________________ (no. of animal/s) for 3 / 6 / 12 months
@ S$50 / RM150 per dog / cat / monkey / pig or @ S$100 / RM300 per horse per month.

My sponsored animal:  _______________________________________________
(If you know the name or you have an animal in mind)


YES!  I would like to make a donation of S$ / RM ___________ to the animals @ Noah’s Ark Natural Animals Sanctuary.

Donation method:

To contribute in Singapore dollars:
To contribute in Malaysian Ringgit
Cheques to be made payable to
Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter

By fund transfer
DBS Account No:  023-905510-9
Account Name:  Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter
Cheque to be made payable to
Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter

By fund transfer
CIMB Account No:  01190002636058
Branch:  Gelang Patah Johor
Account Name: Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter

Name (Ms / Mrs / Mr)  _______________________________________________________________________
Address  ______________________________________________________________________________
Tel (HP)  ________________________________
(H)  _____________________________________
Email:  ______________________________________________________________________________

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