Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Featuring the Awesome Tri-Paws of NANAS

Please do not feel sorry for them.  They are very happy being the way they are.  Dogs do not feel sorry for themselves because of their disabilities.  They pick themselves up and get on with their lives.  We have so much to learn from them.

Many of these animals were victims of road traffic accidents and had to have one of their limbs amputated.  After surgery, the sanctuary is the perfect place for rehabilitation and recovery.  They regain their confidence and mobility very quickly with the constant exercise they get running free in a safe and stress-free environment. 

Do not underestimate these tri-paws!  Try catching them!  They can even run faster than their four-legged friends.

At NANAS, these dogs get a second chance to live out their lives with dignity in a safe haven, away from traffic and bad humans who had abused and abandoned them.  They consider this place a heaven on earth and never ever want to go back to the streets again.

If you can help them stay at the sanctuary, please consider sponsoring one or more of these amazing canines at only S$50 / RM150 per month.

It will not just help the animal you sponsor but also pay for monthly operational costs of running the sanctuary.  Food, medical costs and daily necessities form the bulk of the costs so every dollar counts.

Our awesome tri-paws need your help

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I arrived at the sanctuary when I was only 2 months old.  Some very naughty children tied my legs with rubber bands and my legs turned gangrene.  One leg could not be saved so it was amputated.  It’s OK as I got to stay in this wonderful place with my new friends away from those kids.


My name is Bond. I was hit by a car and my owner did not want to pay for the surgery.  Instead, he wanted to put me to sleep.  I was only 18 months old and had so much to live for.  Thank goodness I escaped death and arrived at NANAS where they performed the operation and saved my life.

Lok Lok

A kind soul rescued me because she was afraid that I might not survive my injuries.  By the time I got to the clinic, they found that the bones had already fused so nothing could be done.  Thank God for the angel who saved me but now I need another angel to help me stay here.


I was a victim of an accident and dumped outside a shelter.  Luckily, I was referred to Noah’s Ark and they helped me with my horrific injuries.  My left hind leg could not be saved so it had to be amputated.  After that, I received therapy and very soon I could run around. I love it here!

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Wong Tai

I was rescued after an accident but spent my time in a cage at a shelter.  Not being able to stand or walk, my muscles wasted.  Then, this nice lady saw me and brought me to the sanctuary.  I no longer live in a cage and have lots space to move around.  I like living here.  Please help me stay!


They named me Bianco and say that I am a very sweet dog.  I really am and I love following the visitors to the stables to visit the horses.  I used to live on the streets but got hit by a vehicle.  Thank goodness the street angels saved me.  So what if I lost a leg.  They let me stay here.


Hi!  I am Zena and I am a German Shepherd.  When I was still a puppy, I got hit by a car.  My owner brought me to the vet but never came back because he did not want to pay for my surgery. I am so glad I found a home at the sanctuary.  Please help me to help them with the work they do.


I was dumped and left on the street to die.  With a fractured front leg and a dislocated hind leg, I could not move.  How could my owner do this and leave me to die a slow and painful death?  A passerby saw me and called Noah’s Ark.  The rest is history.  These people really do good work!


I am the victim of yet another accident.  Why are there so many bad drivers out there?  Do you know how much I suffered when I was knocked down?  I was the lucky one to be rescued.  So many dogs have died.  Losing a leg was fine. I am just happy to be here.
This is how you can help us to help them

1.     Pick the animal you wish to sponsor.
2.     Print the form and fill in the relevant details including the name of the animal and indicate whether you wish to sponsor it for 3, 6 or 12 months.
3.     Scan and email it back to us at
4.     Our volunteers will send you updates on your sponsored pet with photos and stories.
5.     Pick the 12 month option and you will be entitled to the following:
   You can visit your awesome tri-paw on special days only reserved for sponsors.
   You will also have your photo taken with your sponsored dog so we can reproduce it on a mug as a gift to you.

The Awesome Tri-Paws thank you for your generous contribution and cannot wait to meet you!

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Thank you for your kind donation.

Your contribution will go towards food, medical expenses, maintenance of the kennels, and many other costs needed to upkeep Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter in Johor Bahru.

YES!  I would like to sponsor  ______________________________________ (no. of animal/s) for 3 / 6 / 12 months
@ S$50 / RM150 per dog / cat / monkey / pig or @ S$100 / RM300 per horse per month.

My sponsored animal:  _______________________________________________
(If you know the name or you have an animal in mind)


YES!  I would like to make a donation of S$ / RM ___________ to the animals @ Noah’s Ark Natural Animals Sanctuary.

Donation method:

To contribute in Singapore dollars:
To contribute in Malaysian Ringgit
Cheques to be made payable to
Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter

By fund transfer
DBS Account No:  023-905510-9
Account Name:  Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter
Cheque to be made payable to
Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter

By fund transfer
CIMB Account No:  01190002636058
Branch:  Gelang Patah Johor
Account Name: Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter

Name (Ms / Mrs / Mr)  _______________________________________________________________________
Address  ______________________________________________________________________________
Tel (HP)  ________________________________
(H)  _____________________________________
Email:  ______________________________________________________________________

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