Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

UPDATE: Pets' Station Food Drive for August 2017

We have two more weeks to go!
May we appeal for more orders of dry food. As this is their daily staple for 700 dogs and 300 cats, we need as many bags as possible. The dogs need 360 bags a month and the cats, 90 bags a month. Pets' Station will match every order of dry food - one for one.
Thank you Pets’ Station for organising the food drive and thank you for your support to help us to feed the dogs and cats.
This is what it takes to feed them twice a day on a daily basis:
Dry food: 12 bags (216 kg) a day
Tin food: 30 cans a day
Dry food: 3 bags (54 kg) a day
Tin food: 20 cans a day
The above quantity is required every single day.

Click on the link:
Step 1
Select the food you wish to order, enter quantity and add to cart.
Step 2
Register as a new customer if you are not an existing customer.
Step 3
After entering your address, please check the box that says delivery address is the same as billing address.
(Food will be collected by NANAS for delivery to the sanctuary.)
Step 4
Make sure all fields with red asterisks (*) are filled.
Follow instructions and click on green “Register” button.
Step 5
Please check your email for a link to activate your account and you will be brought back to Pets’ Station website.
Click on your cart at the top of the screen and continue to check out.
Step 6
Upon checking out, you will be asked <If Shipping Address is different from Billing Address>. Please do not uncheck the box and continue to payment page.
Step 7
If you encounter any problems or prefer not to order online, you may call Pets' Station at 63631121 to place your order. Payment can be made by credit card.
Thank you for your generosity and continuous support to help us feed the dogs and cats at NANAS.
If you have any queries, please email us at
Yours sincerely

$19.50 per carton of 12 cans (i.e. $1.65 each / 375 gm)

$75 per bag (12 kg) Pets' Station will match One for One.

$26 per carton of 24 cans (i.e. $1.08 per can / 400 gm)
$64.50 per bag (6 kg) Pets' Station will match One for One.

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