Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Ode To A Legless Monkey Named Berry

I saw this cute little fler at Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) last weekend. Out of the blue, I got an inspiration to write a little poem for this little fler when I got back to KL. LOL!

I'm no poet but I hope the rhymes are OK. ENJOY!

Meet the latest resident in NANAS named Berry
He's a two month old long tailed monkey
How he ended in NANAS is a tragic story
Read on about him while I attempt myself at poetry...

A few weeks back he was crossing the highway
with his family just like any other sunny day
Suddenly a car sped by and knocked him astray
Turning a fine sunny day into a distressed MayDay.

He was thrown into the air and landed on the ground
His mother was on the other side making screaming sound
The driver stopped and turned around
But nothing much he could do as Berry was hit badly down.

You could call Berry a lucky monkey
At the same place and the same time, came pass Mr. Raymund Wee
He saw what happened, he saw the tragedy
He offered his help and took Berry back to the sanctuary

For a tiny monkey, Berry was extremely brave
He fought for his live, and never give a bye bye wave.
But even though Berry was rescued from an early grave
His two hind legs were too damaged to be saved

So, off they went to cut of his legs
Oh I wonder how much more his frail little body could take
But his spirit no one could not break
And his will to live no one could shake

Now, He moves around by pushing his body with his arms
Kept in a cage to keep him away from harm
This little monkey does has his own charm
He's a bit shy but you could allow him to eat from your palm.

Though Berry might not be able to climb another tree
Or swing from a vine to another like in National Geography
But I hope in NANAS he will be happy
He is a true survivor, a legless monkey named Berry.

Send some love and supports to Berry by donating to NANAS. Call Mr. Raymund Wee at +60197159199 for details.

Note: NANAS is a no kill animal sanctuary situated in Johor. Currently providing shelter to abandoned and abused animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and now a legless monkey named Berry too.

1 comment:

  1. meeting berry in person was a real eye opener. this little fella has overcome his handicap and is a cheery lil monkey. can't wait to return and meet him again armed with spinach and kuacis for him.

    gracias raymund for your good work. these furkids certainly appreciate your good work for them.