Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Planning To Visit NANAS?

Direction :
Travel on the highway and look out for a sign-board that reads "Gelang Patah" prepare to exit at Exit 312D to Gelang Patah on your left. You are travelling on a single lane traffic - drive straight and you will see a cross-junction at [9 km] turn left. Drive straight and at [10 km] it is a cross junction - turn right (Landmark: to your right it is Shell Petrol Station) Continue to drive straight and look out for blue and white signboard on your left that reads "Ulu Chioh and Ulu Pulai" - at [14 km] turn left onto "Ulu Pulai". Continue to drive straight all the way (it is a single lane traffic) - you will drive pass kampong houses and rubber plantation.

At [15 km] - please slow down and look out for a yellow and black signboard on your right that reads NANAS at [18 km] turn right and drive straight into NANAS.
You made it - welcome on board!

Other things you should know about visiting.
  • Shoes (sneakers), rather than sandals are recommended.
  • Wear clothing that is appropriate.
  • You're likely to be greeted by some quite enthusiastic dogs and cats.
  • Please be aware that your behavior will have an effect on the animals. Calm and gentle behavior has a soothing effect. Loud noises, exaggerated gestures and running tend to disturb the animals.
  • You are not allowed to bring your pets in the sanctuary.
If you’re planning to volunteer at the sanctuary, you must attend a volunteer orientation before starting your first volunteer assignment.

Please take note that you will need to make an appointment to reserve your visit at this number 019-7159199.

If you're driving down from KL, the drive takes approximately 4 hours.

NANAS doesn't accept animals into the Sanctuary without prior notification and approval.

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