Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I have the looks. I don’t have the qualities to be a show dog

I lost the use of my right hind leg from a car accident when I was less than a year old.

My ex owner brought me to the vet, left me at the clinic and never came back for me after they found out the cost, it was too expensive to amputate my leg.

I really can't understand why my ex owners are so mean to abandon me at the vet and they were not willing to spend and to provide medical aid when I needed it most.

Wasn't I part of your family? You said I was cute when you had me and when you played with me.

Just because I am no longer a perfect dog with four legs you don't want me anymore?

What if it had happened to your friends or family member? Yes, I know - I am just a dog.

To you, I am nothing - a young puppy with no feelings and no emotions. I am at your disposable at your convenience anytime when you don't want me and you can conveniently throw me out off your life!

Dr Edwin knows that I am a young dog and I have so much to live for, he could not bear to euthanize me when my ex owners didn’t want me anymore. Dr Edwin called Uncle Raymund to check if Noah's Ark could accommodate my stay at the sanctuary.

Uncle Raymund heard about me and he agreed to give me that second chance to live again.

I was also very lucky, two volunteer vets from Singapore went to Noah's Ark Clinic to perform the surgery on my hind leg. I had my right leg amputated and I rested for a few days and in no time, I was up and running at Noah's Ark with my friends.

I am looking for a God Ma or God Pa to sponsor my stay at Noah's Ark - if wish to be my God Parent please email our volunteers at

Thank you.

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