Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lady Emerald Aiyana

Lady Emerald Aiyana

Rescued on 6 April 2013
Passed away peacefully on 15 April 2013

I thought that I would have the opportunity to introduce a new member into the family at Noah's Ark and I never expected her to leave us so soon.

She was Lady Emerald Aiyana, her name was given by Rosina and Clement. Lady Emerald to heal her heart from being neglected.  Aiyana in Native American means eternal blossom - and may our Lady blossom into a beautiful princess.

Lady arrived at the sanctuary on Saturday, 6 April and she passed away peacefully in her sleep on 15 April. 

Lady was given up because her owner defaulted in her boarding fees and the riding school fed her on cow pellet that caused her to be under nourished.  This is what happens at the stables when the owners do not pay their boarding fees for their horses and the horse will get low grade food.

It was the authority that alerted Noah's Ark about the horses situation in JB.

As an owner, your kindness did not go that long after all.  You made a promise to your animal (whether it’s a dog, a cat or a horse) to take care of it for the rest of its life - you did not make that promise to your pet - to you its just an animal.  Only cowards will run away from the problems and will never dare to face reality.
We can always get back at the owners if they do not keep their promise.  Animals will always forgive your misdeeds but humans will never forgive another human.

Noah's Ark rescued her for a good reason. Why would we let Lady suffer in the hands of a human?

It is not cheap to upkeep a horse, it costs an average of S$600 to feed a horse every month. We had to think very carefully and work out our sums whether we could rescue and provide her daily needs.

Time was running out for Lady when the authority in JB called Raymund to ask if we could help her before putting it down. When Raymund visited the horse at the stables, with deep sadness a few of them were just skin and bones and there was a horse which was semi blind.

Day 1: Saturday, 6 April
When Lady Emerald Aiyana arrived at Noah's Ark on 6 April, you could see her ribs and sadness in her eyes but at Noah's Ark we will accept her as she is and we will love her for who she is.  What is important is her inner beauty.  I gave her reiki to calm her and to allow her to settle down.

She received her first nutritious meal on Saturday evening, although she was hungry - she did not rush her food, she was so gentle and ate like a lady. She also enjoyed juicy apples from Joanne.

Day 2: Sunday, 7 April
In the morning, we allowed Lady to roam free and she had settled very fast - she didn't mind the dogs and she got along with them.  The animals know that Noah's Ark is a safe heaven for them.

In the afternoon, we arranged for her to have her horse shoes done which was long overdue.

One week has passed, Lady was doing fine and eating well, give her another one month she will soon be a beauty.

Day 10: Monday, 15 April
Monday morning, we never expected to find Lady motionless in her stable - the day before, she was running and playing with the rest of the horses.  We suspected that Lady had low respiratory, gastric and colitis.

I was looking forward to introduce Lady to Rosina on Monday, 22 April but we know that Lady is running freely on rainbow bridge with her friends and showing them her new set of horse shoes.

At Noah's Ark - although her stay was short, our horses Whatmore, Apache and Melody showed her the fun side of life and taught her how to have a good time.

Lady Emerald Aiyana - may you rest in peace.

By Lynda Goh

Message from Lady to Raymund
"Thank you for giving me a happy time and for not turning me away.  You did not judge me by my unpleasant appearance - you still accepted me for who I am."

Eulogy for Lady by Clement
"Enduring the very dirt and filth that surrounds her.  A beauty white lotus, blooms, ever dear.  With petals ever spotless and pure.  Thanking all, whose love  ensure. Her finest moment now, with no more  gloom, Aiyana, her name means Eternal Bloom."

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