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Noah's Residents

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I may be disabled, I still can enjoy life like any other cat

Xiao Mei Mei when she was rescued in Melaka.

My name is
“Xiao Mei Mei”
and I am a handicap cat.
My forearm has been amputated.

They tell me someone tied a rubber band on my forearm when I was a little kitten and it cut off the blood supply.

The nice people at the Animal Birth Control (ABC) Clinic Melaka said I was a stray kitten, I was small and could fit into my rescuer’s palm. 

I was found in a half dead state in a narrow alley. They nursed me back to health and I recovered quickly. My disability is no disability at all.

I grew up on 3 legs longer than with 4 legs so I truly don’t know any difference.  Animals learn to adapt with what they have, I am sure you have seen it many times.

When I was older and stronger, my rescuer arranged for me to be sterilised.

Xiao Mei Mei learning to adapt with three legs.
I was hoping to be adopted when I was staying at ABC Clinic Melaka. But alas, that was not to be.

It is hard enough for "perfect" cats to find homes because of the overwhelming numbers in shelters and rescues, just imagine how much harder it is for a cat that is slightly less than perfect.

I believe that every cat deserves a chance to have a happy life.  They should have a safe environment where they are adequately fed, receive lots of love and good medical care.  That is not the reality for many cats though.
Xiao Mei Mei sitting on her favourite spot at the Wisma Kuching.
Eventually, good fortune smiled upon me and I came to my beloved home at Wisma Kucing in Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS).   

Xiao Mei Mei adapting very well with the cats at the sanctuary.
The feline folks here at Wisma Kucing really like me; I am very cheerful, loving and playful. I enjoy a game of catching as I have strong hind legs which propel me like a lightning bolt. But don’t step on my tail, ‘cos I can give a good left hook (with my good arm).  

These days, I  go about my day just like any other cat at Noah's Ark – I sunbathe and laze around.  

I am enjoying life in this Purr-adise.

A video of Xiao Mei Mei at Wisma Kuching.

Lots of licks and purrs.
Xiao Mei Mei

Contributed by Siah Li Mei, Melaka

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  1. Aww she is so sweet, glad she found a lovely home <3