Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Friday, May 30, 2014

A Visit to Noah's Ark on 24 May 2014

To all the amazing people behind Noah's Ark, thank you for building a safe haven for animals that had been abandoned, rejected, neglected and subjected to terrible abuse. What I can only dream of doing one day, you guys have achieved through years of hard work, dedication and passion.

A big part of me was healed as I spent one of the best days ever, watching and bonding with animals that ran freely and happily; receiving tonnes of love as trusting eyes looked up at us and furry heads burrowed into our laps.

I've learnt a lot from my four (sometimes 3) legged friends.

Wanna play in the mud? Just play. Wanna get some carrot treats? Make friends with the horses and huge chunks are bound to fall your way. Wanna go into the air conditioned room? Just press your head against the door & wait patiently cuz after 10 No's, you're bound to get a Yes. Wanna get away from the noisy dogs? Be nice to the cats so you can stay with them in their quiet cattery.

With animals, life is this simple.

Contributed by Van Law, Visitor to the Ark

Visitors making their way to the stables - the first stop.

Clement sharing and educating visitors about horses.
Noah's Ark is a place where you can get up close and
personal with our Gentle Giants.

Warrior asking our visitors for carrots.

Prisma getting a carrot from a visitor.

Oso - Noah's Ark Resident.

Volunteers @ Work.

A bunny hiding away from visitors.

Chilling out at the Wisma with the cats.

Mr Carrot taking his afternoon nap.

What the dogs want from our visitors
is the human touch and affection.

A visit by NTU animal welfare group - Animal Lovers Society.

Diane posing with our K9 resident.

More licks from our dogs to our visitors.

Our dogs getting a nice cuddle
from our visitors.

Su Su taking a rest after all the excitement from our visitors. 

Our PR Officer escorting the guests to the coach.

PR Officer ensuring that our guests are all accounted for and
saying her good byes to them.

If you have missed the tour to Noah's Ark, check out for the following events which will take place on:

Noah's Ark Open House & Self Drive on Saturday, 12 July
For details, please click HERE

Noah's Ark Tour on Saturday, 16 August
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Mr Canto Pop "See you soon at Noah's Ark! I will personally
 bring you around the Ark."

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