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Noah's Residents

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Emergency Rescue Work at Noah's Ark

Animal Rescue Work is not easy as there are a lot of factors that are involved which constitutes in the attempt to save an animal’s life. Rescuers have to source the necessary medical help and at times it can be emotionally overwhelming for them when an animal succumbs to its injuries or medical condition.

Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) has seen many emergency rescue cases and every case is different with its own story of hope, trust and love by these animals towards their compassionate rescuers.

Gabriel arrived in a vegetable crate.

Zhen Yi lifting Gabriel from the vegetable crate.

Zhen Yi (He had worked with Raymund previously at Noah’s Ark Lodge Private Animal Shelter in Singapore), an owner of a vegetable plantation and a good friend of Raymund, founder of Noah's Ark brought in a badly injured greyish-black Dusky Leaf Monkey. The monkey was believed to be involved in a high speed vehicle collision outside Zhen Yi’s plantation. Upon, noticing the monkey, he quickly drove to Noah's Ark to seek medical help and advice from Raymund.

Transferring Gabriel to the clinic,

The dusky leaf monkeys belong to the family of the Old World Monkeys  and are classified as sub-species. They can be found in Malaysia, Burma and Thailand and they live in dense forests. The appearance of the dusky leaf monkey can be identified with its distinct white spectacled fur markings around its eyes and mouth. Their palms and soles are hairless and have distinct finger print markings and lines that resembles to that of humans. Their diet compromises of mainly unripen fruits, leaves and flowers from the sea bean tree and their digestive systems have the ability to remove plant toxins. Newly born dusky leaf monkeys are bright orange in colour and have a pink face. Within a span of six months, their fur will change from orange to grey as they mature in age.

The monkey was transported by Zhen Yi by using vegetable crates. Despite the fact that it was a wild monkey, it allowed Zhen Yi to carry him with his bare hands as he trusted his kind-hearted rescuer. The dusky leaf monkey had multiple injuries and was in an immense amount of pain but was still conscious throughout. Raymund quickly transferred it to the clinic for a medical assessment as it was bleeding and scared as it griped the cage tightly. Under Raymund’s guidance, his worker Kaz and two volunteers, Clement and Joanne, they quickly remove the dirt that was stuck to its fur and to assess its injuries.

Raymund cleaning Gabriel's wounds.

Gabriel had a head injury from the accident.

The assessment was bleak as the monkey had a diaphragmatic hernia which causes the abdominal organs to be pushed into the diaphragmatic cavity. Also, he had a cracked skull, a fractured left femur, a broken pelvis and was in a state of shock due to the sheer impact sustained in the collision. Raymund administered an analgesic which is a painkiller and antibiotics to alleviate the pain and to prevent infection. Also, they were preparing to put him on IV fluid but the monkey was already gasping for air. 

The monkey held on to Clement’s hand with both of his hands to express his gratitude and courage that he was grateful for the people that had done their best to try and save him. The monkey whom we name Gabriel after the archangel of God passed away peacefully due to his fatal injuries.

Gabriel's hands are like ours.

It was an emotionally draining night for everyone as we could not save Gabriel which was only estimated to be only four years old. However, as their friend and companions, we knew that he had passed on by being surrounded by people who cared and loved him. Gabriel’s story does not end here as it has opened our eyes to a bigger picture which is the call for wildlife conservation which includes the preservation of these animals’ natural habitats.

With the expansion of oil plantations and rapid urbanisation, these factors have contributed to the dusky leaf monkey’s habitat loss. Hunting for food has become a major threat for them as they forced to move to areas near high traffic and urbanisation. They are frequently victims of road-kill accidents and their species are listed as near threatened on the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) Red List. Also they are hunted for their meat, to being sold in the pet trade and these factors have led to their decline in numbers. They can also be found in Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia where there are efforts to conserve them in a protected area. 

As Noah's Ark animal welfare volunteers, through Gabriel’s story, we can educate the public about protecting wildlife and conserving their numbers by not destroying their habitat through unethical means. Our love and respect to our fellow animals are important to let them know that we are here for them as their only friend and crusader through thick and thin. 

Rest well Gabriel and run free at the rainbow bridge!

Written by Darren Chan

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