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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Big Commotion in Rescuing Puppies- Rare Incident, Happy Ending!

Puppies are trapped. They need help!

Oh God, Puppies are trapped!

3 young puppies were discovered wedged between concrete beams at an abandoned construction site at Jalan Melaka Raya 12, Melaka. Some good-hearted lawyers tried to rescue them but were unsuccessful. However, with the help of the Fire Brigade (“Bomba”) from Jalan Kubu, Melaka, the puppies were saved.

The people who discovered the puppies tried, unsuccessfully, to lift and move the concrete beams to free the puppies.  They then enlisted the help of the Bomba which managed to extricate the puppies from the concrete beams. The puppies were adopted instantly by a dog lover who happened to walk by, thus letting this rarely seen incident draw to a close with a happy ending.

The incident happened at 9.30 a.m. The person who discovered these trapped puppies is a lawyer of Punjabi race, named Jaspal Singh (44 years old) and was joined by his fellow lawyer friend, Siah Li Mei (47 years old), whereby both of them, not concerned about their working attire, attempted to rescue the puppies, thus bringing a lot of attention to themselves.

Seeking Bomba’s help

Jaspal Singh said that about 9.30 a.m. as he was arriving at his law firm, he heard the cries of puppies. It came from the construction site which was located opposite his office. He went closer to look and discovered that there were puppies wedged in between the concrete beams.

“At that moment, I tried to put my hand into the gaps to coax them out. However, that made them go deeper into the narrower crevices of the concrete beams and their heads got stuck. They were unable to move. They yelped for help, which was so heart wrenching.”

He said his fellow lawyer had used food to entice the puppies to crawl out of the gap. But to no avail.

In the end, they had to seek the help of the Bomba since there was nothing they could do. The Bomba immediately dispatched its team. A number of firemen arrived at the scene, and they completed the rescue mission in less than 5 minutes.”

Siah Li Mei, a volunteer with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (SPCA) Melaka, said that everyone is relieved and happy that the puppies have been rescued. It is extremely fortunate that these puppies found a new home immediately. Today is a very joyful day indeed.

Translation from Mandarin to English

Extracted from China Press Malacca, 4 November 2013

Elaine with a box of puppies.

A Dream Come True

I kept in touch with Elaine Tan who adopted the puppies. She told me that it was a coincidence that she was walking by with her husband on that fateful day and she was curious to see a crowd gathering at an abandoned construction site so she stopped to take a look.

When I showed her the puppies which was estimated to be about 3 months old in the box, her heart melted.  She said they were so young, and she could not bear the thought of seeing them starved and ridden with parasites.

Elaine recalled her daughter’s dream that they will have 3 puppies in their new home.  Instantly she knew it was destiny that brought her to the site. She decided to open her heart by giving the three puppies a home by adopting them so that they will not be homelessness.

I was delighted that the puppies will have a safe place to live and in a home environment.  I also ensured that the puppies will be sterilised when they are older and I kept in contact with Elaine on the progress of the puppies. 

Left: Fei Fei and Happy


The puppies were named Happy, Lucky and Fei Fei.  

In March 2014, Elaine brought the three puppies to Noah’s Ark Animal Birth Control (ABC) Clinic* in Melaka for sterilisation.  Happy and Lucky have grown to be a happy-go- lucky characters.  Fei-Fei as the name implies is a cute and chubby. 

Elaine is loving mum to her teenagers and she is fur-parent that showers attention, care and love to Happy, Lucky and Fei Fei.  

For the Tan family, adopting 3 puppies is a dream come true.  Who says dreams don’t come true?

* Noah’s Ark Animal Birth Control (ABC) Clinic, Melaka – is a clinic with no frills and provides low cost sterilization to reduce the dogs and cats population.

All the sterilized dogs and cats will have their left ear tipped to show that they have been sterilized. We strongly believe that sterilization is more humane than culling, in order to reduce the over-population of unwanted animals.

Written by Siah Li Mei

China Press Malacca, 4 November 2013


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