Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Monday, June 30, 2014

A Tribute to Max - The Rottweiler that Lived with 200 Cats

Photo Credits: Nicholas Lee


Rescued in January 2006 from a Fish Farm in Jalan Kayu
Passed away peacefully on 18 June 2014
Est. Age 9 yrs old

It has been fourteen days since Jill left us and on the afternoon of Wednesday 18 June, her companion Mighty Max passed away peacefully in his sleep surrounded by his cat friends, Jasmine and Snoopy at the Wisma.

Visiting the Wisma will no longer be the same without Max - the familiar face of Max greeting and welcoming you into the cattery.

Photo Credits: Anne Young

One afternoon in 2012, we saw Max inside the Wisma with the cats - we got worried that he might hurt or eat one of the cats.  When we told Raymund what we saw - he did not believe and kept asking  "Are you sure?".  To proof that it was Max with the cats - we took a photo with our handphone and showed Raymund and he still could not believe that Max could get along with the cats.

Max proved to us that it is possible.  It is the humans that always assume that something bad will happen to the cats if a dog enters the cattery.  Partly we watched too much movies that shows the Rottweiler is always the bad dog - chasing and attacking  people and we have that image fixed in our thoughts.  Sometimes, we should trust our instincts and trust the dogs. If the dog shows aggression, we should not allow it to interact with the cats. If the dog shows that it wants to be part of the pack - we should allow and observe their behavior and how they interact with each other. 

Photo credits: Anne Young

Max had 8 wonderful years at Noah's Ark,  we will miss seeing Max jumping and swimming in the pond. Running to you at full speed on the open field - a life that all dogs truly deserve.

Max loved to stay in the cattery, because he didn't have to share his food with other dogs and he gets to be served personally, he sure knows how to be pampered.

Max and Jasmine with the cats.

Max's Puppyhood
In January 2006 Max was rescued from a fish farm in Jalan Kayu when he was about 3 months old by Aunty Vivian, a feeder.  Aunty Vivian asked a friend to foster him while she tried to rehome him.  Sometime later, what the fosterer did to Max, broke Aunty Vivian's heart. The fosterer had kept him in a cage for  24 hours a day and fed him with left food from the dinner table which included fish bones.  Aunty Vivian contacted Noah's Ark for help and immediately, we took Max away and placed him under foster care with my dad.

When Max arrived, he could barely walked, his paws were underdeveloped because he was caged up with no exercise. Max was young - with love, care and exercise, we were able to rehabilitate him easily.

Every day, my dad helped to foster Max by feeding, walking and playing with him. My dad would go to the wet market to buy beef and cook for Max, ensuring that he gets a nutritious meal and soon Max grew to be a big strong sumo dog weighing close to 40 kg.

As Max was growing, he soon became too strong for my dad who was in his 60s to handle him. On two occasions, while my dad was walking Max he fell and hurt himself. After hearing that my dad fell twice and concern for his wellbeing, he had no choice but to let Max make his journey to Noah's Ark.

Lessons from Max
Max has taught us that Rottweiler are nice and not mean creatures like what you see in the movies.

Max has taught us to respect others and not to get angry easily and start a fight over little things - Be Calm & Stay Calm.

Doesn’t mean that you have the size - you can be a bully.
Size does not matter - it’s the heart that shows you care - like what Max did for the cats.

Max showing his young friends around the sanctuary.

Our friends' children chilling out with Max and the cats in the Wisma.

Max, we will miss you, your spirit will live forever at the Wisma - you will always be remembered as The Rottweiler that Lived with 200 Cats.

By Lynda

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