Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

SPCA Singapore Volunteers at Noah's Ark

SPCA Singapore @ work in Noah's Ark! 

SPCA volunteers are important to the organization, and we show our appreciation of their time and effort in volunteering with us, by organizing activities for them; one such activity was a visit to Bollywood Veggies in appreciation for our volunteer fosterers. SPCA volunteers are also encouraged to give their time to help with other causes so we spent a day at Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary in Johor Bahru, Malaysia .

14 of us made a trip to Noah's Ark on 2 August as part of our volunteer outreach programme with other non-profit groups.

We were greeted by the resident dogs upon our arrival, after which Noah's Ark volunteers led us into the premises. After a quick breakfast and a personal, warm greeting by Raymund Wee, the founder of Noah's Ark who gave an impassioned talk on the work he and his volunteers undertake to care for the animals, we headed out to work.

As was arranged prior to the trip, the volunteers were assigned in teams to work with Noah's Ark volunteers at the various sections like the monkey's enclosure, horse stables, catteries, kennels, quarantine, and the clinic.

The first stop was to visit the monkeys’ enclosure where some of us had the chance to feed them with bananas!  After visiting the monkeys, we were led to the stables where 10 horses were looked after by Noah's Ark volunteers and workers.  A volunteer in charge of the horses provided insightful tips and information about caring for them, including what the horses liked and disliked. We even had the rare opportunity of feeding them with carrot sticks! 

After horsing around (no pun intended!) we were led to two large kennels and catteries as well.The volunteers at the catteries got busy with cleaning and grooming the cats, most scuttling away when our volunteers approached with cotton buds and cleaning solution, but did not shy away when food was placed for them. Other volunteers spent time at the open areas mingling with the dogs grooming, cleaning ears, and even made attempts to bathe some.

Soon it was time to say goodbye, but we hope to return soon. We hope our volunteers had a fruitful day trip and enjoyed the experience of mingling with the wonderful animals at Noah's Ark.

Heartfelt thanks to Raymund and the volunteers for a great day, they were gracious hosts indeed. 

Submitted by SPCA Singapore

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