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Noah's Residents

Friday, October 3, 2014

A small kind act that went a long way

Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) Animal Birth Control (ABC) clinic attends to many animal cases everyday. These cases range from sterilisation of cats and dogs, animal rescue cases and animals that need to be operated on due a multitude of reasons such as abandonment, abuse or accident.

It was a busy afternoon for the clinic when a black and white spotted street puppy was brought in by a kind-hearted school boy from Malaysia. This case was referred to the ABC clinic by another veterinary clinic because they knew that this boy will not be able to afford the vet fee for the puppy. Coming from a student, his kind act has shown that he has a good heart for the puppy and is sincere in helping the puppy in whatever means necessary.

Leeloy, the 1 year old puppy had a fractured mandibular (lower jaw) which was probably sustained through an automobile accident. His jaw was quickly wired together to fix the fracture so that he will be relieve on his pain and be able to eat normally again. The student also gave the clinic RM$10 as a token for their help rendered to the puppy and has indicated that he might keep the puppy if the parents allowed. Giving RM$10 from a student shows a lot about the young student who has the compassion and gratefulness in his heart to help the puppy.

The clinic has always been open to rescue and medical cases and reviews cases where people want to help the animal but are unable to do so. These cases are referred to Raymund Wee, founder of NANAS and he reviews them on a case by case basis to access the situation first. He said, “It is alright if people genuinely cannot afford the veterinary fees but want to help the animals.” Adding on he said, “My only criteria for such cases are that firstly, the owner has to show me a good attitude in helping these animals and secondly is my part where I help these animals in one way or another.”

Leeloy enjoying a nice meal.

This act of kindness shows that anyone can choose to help animals that need help and the clinic will help these animals on a referral basis. Leeloy has called the sanctuary his home and is now no longer a puppy but has grown to be a happy and satisfied dog that enjoys his freedom and food everyday.

Written By: Darren Chan 

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