Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Official Announcement of Noah's Ark Natural Animal Shelter

6 July 2016


Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter (NANAS) in Malaysia is no longer affiliated with Noah’s Ark CARES (NA CARES) in Singapore with immediate effect.

In 1995, Noah’s Ark Lodge Private Animal Shelter was set up in Jalan Kayu in Singapore by Raymund Wee to give animals that have been abused, abandoned and made homeless a second chance to live out the rest of their lives with dignity and love.

When the lease ended in June 2000, the sanctuary, including all its inhabitants, was moved to Johor, Malaysia and Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter (NANAS) was established on a 10-acre site near Gelang Patah.  The sanctuary is now home to 700 dogs, 300 cats, 9 horses and other animals that have been rescued.

Noah’s Ark CARES was registered in 2005 to be the Singapore arm of NANAS and in addition to its activities in Singapore was also responsible for raising funds for shelter operations in Malaysia. 

NANAS has since been informed by NA CARES that the Singapore operation can no longer fund NANAS’s activities in Malaysia.  

This is because NA CARES was granted charity status on 9 May 2016 and had to abide by the rules and regulations imposed by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. 

In essence, the operations and funding for both entities have to be separated.  

Due to this unfortunate turn of events, NANAS will now have to stand on its own and conduct its own fundraising activities in Singapore.  

As the sanctuary is no longer represented in Singapore, Raymund Wee, Founder of Noah’s Ark and his new team are in the process of setting up a new entity in Singapore. 

Top priority is the welfare of the animals.  Funds are much needed for daily shelter operations which includes food for the animals, salary for workers, rental, diesel for generating electricity and all other expenses incurred in running the shelter.

Total cost is S$35,000 per month of which a large portion goes towards food.

If you wish to contribute, here are the details:
In the meantime, before the new entity is formed, you can donate to Raymund Wee’s personal account in Singapore Dollars to:
Maybank Account Number:  04220205543
Account Name:  Wee Soon Chye Raymund

To contribute in Malaysian Ringgit:
By Cheque
Please write cheque payable to “Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter
and mail to:  

3 Jalan Tememggong
11 Taman Ungku Tun Aminah
81300 Skudai, Johor

By Fund Transfer
CIMB Account Number: 01190002636058
Branch:  Gelang Patah, Johor
Account Name:  Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter

For enquiries, please email to

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