Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mickey & Pluto are now living at Noah’s Ark

Mickey (second from left) and Pluto (second from right)
hanging out with their new friends.

Mickey and Pluto were two guard dogs living in a factory which was in the process of closing its operations.  Having outlived their usefulness, they would most probably be left behind to fend for themselves.  This is a very common scenario during difficult economic times.

Taking Action
Hearing about the plight of these two dogs, Roger and Christine, at their own expense, engaged a security guard to feed and look after the dogs at the empty facility while they searched for a long-term solution to provide for the dogs.  They wrote to many rescue groups in Singapore but to no avail so they turned to Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) in Johor which took up the case.

Having paid for the health checks at the vet, they also sponsored the dogs’ journey to NANAS.  They continued to help with monthly contributions for the dogs under the Noah's Ark sponsorship programme and made it a point to visit the dogs at NANAS whenever there was a public tour.  More importantly, Roger and Christine are committed to the care of the dogs even after Noahs Ark took up the case.



Commitment and Responsibility
So what does it actually take to save an animals life?  Aside from having compassion and making that one phone call, it takes commitment and responsibility.  Rescue groups depend largely on volunteers.  When someone reports a case to us, the work does not stop there.  It is only just the beginning.

Roger and Christine were not able to keep the dogs because of their existing pet commitments but that did not stop them from giving the two dogs another shot at life.  It was inhumane to leave them to fight for their own fate. 

They could not turn a blind eye but instead were committed and changed the lives of these two dogs.  Mickey and Pluto would never have had a new lease of life in NANAS if WORDS did not turn into ACTION. 

One persons action can turn another’s life into a better one.  We cannot thank Roger and Christine enough for their commitment to save the lives of these two dogs and for continuing their journey with them.

You Can Also Help Us To Help Them
Rescue work is never easy and that is the reason why we need your help so we can help these unfortunate animals.  If you are able to contribute in any way to our cause, please contact us at

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