Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Khang Khang's plight - slashed by a man wielding a parang

Khang Khang - after the attack by the abuser
and before he was brought to the
 animal clinic in Melaka.

Khang Khang was slashed by a man wielding a parang on a motorbike at Taman Malim Jaya, Melaka. When the first blow struck, Khang Khang was so stunned that he shat and peed on the spot, giving the sadist a second chance to slash him again. That shook him up and he ran away leaving a trail of blood behind him.

Khang Khang became a stray 2 months ago. He had an owner. She died from a sudden stroke in a hospital. Overnight he was homeless. Khang Khang depended on the neighbours to feed him.

At the animal clinic in Melaka.
He stayed over night so that he could have
a good's night rest and away from harm.

A neighbour and her 4 year old grandson witnessed the attack on Khang Khang. Her daughter contacted us and asked for help as he was in pain and flies were hovering over his wound.

We advised to bring Khang Khang to an animal clinic in Melaka for treatment.  The neighbour also feared for his safety as the abuser was seen "ronda" the Taman, looking for Khang Khang.

When Raymund Wee learnt of Khang Khang's plight, he immediately offered the sanctuary as a permanent home.

Khang Khang was discharged from animal clinic
in Melaka and on the way to a "safe place".

Khang Khang with our volunteer in Melaka.
He knew he was going to a safe place.

Khang Khang at a "safe place" while waiting for arrangements
to send him to the sanctuary.

Khang Khang made his journey to Noah's Ark.

Removing the maggots.

The wounds are stitched up.
The tubes are surgical drainage tubes to prevent
accumulating fluid, typically blood which serves
as a medium for bacterial growth.

Dr Keshia attending to Khang Khang.
After stitching the wounds, Dr Keshia had him castrated.
About 2 weeks later, Khang Khang's wounds were healing.

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