Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Cookies by The Barkery

Message from Shiro

Help Shiro and his friends grant their Christmas wishes by ordering cookies from The Barkery Singapore.

For every order made, The Barkery Singapore will donate 25% towards the shelters all for a good cause helping animals.

Closing date for orders: 31 December 2016

From the bottom of all the animals hearts, thank you.

Shiro's Tale
Shiro was ill treated by his ex owner in Singapore and we tried rehoming for several months and was unsuccessful because some people found him too old, he didn't have the looks and he walked funny with a cow hock legs.
Shiro is a lucky dog to be given a 2nd chance at the sanctuary and Noah's Ark has been his forever home for the past 14 months.

If you get to know him, he is a super duper sweet nature boy and some days he does behave like a BIG BABY.  He does not like injections, if he does get one, he will cry loudly.

If you visit the sanctuary, do say "Hi" to Shiro - he stays at the main house.

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