Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Max - Rottweiler

I am Max and I am almost 2 years old.

I had my tail docked when I was a puppy. My ex-owner caged me up at his own leisure until he decides what he wanted to do with me.

As a result, my hind muscle have wasted away and I had difficulties walking. Luckily, I was rescued by Noah's Ark and was fostered out to Uncle Bernard who took me out daily for many walkies as physiotherapy.

In no time, I was healed and running; and poor Uncle Bernard had a hard time keeping up.

It was decided that I will be rehomed in Noah's Ark where the huge space will allow me to indulge in my passion of running.

Here in Noah's Ark, I stay in the stables with the horses and enjoy daily dips in the water lily pond. Do drop by for a visit when you are here.

Thank you Noah's Ark for giving me a home and Uncle Bernard for taking care of me.

Paws and Licks,

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