Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Melody - the durian loving horse

Yes. She loves durian.

During durian season, whenever she hears a thud on the ground, she would gallop as fast as she could to the fallen fruit before anyone else could. No wonder the workers at NANAS would complain that Melody always gets the best durian.

Now, how does a horse eat the thorny durian? According to Mr Raymond Wee, Melody would smash open the tough thorny shell with her front hoof. Once the durian is cracked, Melody would take her time to saviour the fleshy creamy pulp like any durian loving human does.

We are not sure how Melody got her taste for durian but we bet she is very happy living in NANAS with four other rescued horses like her. She was saved from being slaughtered and fed to the animals at the zoo.

Her stable opens up to a field with some durian trees. She gets to roam freely among the other inhabitants of NANAS. Occasionally she and the other horses get chased by some playful dogs giving them some needed workout. Heheh!

Say hello to Melody at the stable when you visit NANAS.

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